UCT Online High School Lunched, University Of Cape Town Lunches An Innovative Online Education 

uct online high school lunched

UCT Online High School Lunched – the University of Cape Town has rolled out a well innovated modern online educational opportunity for every school-going child in South Africa.

In this regard, all South African children from grades 8 – 12 can have their high school education online, without sitting in any physical classroom.

Indeed, this is a novelty, and another is another remarkable achievement by the university. Indeed, this is because it continues to unleash programmes and policies that seek to solve the challenges of South African society.

Honestly, this is not surprising at all, since the very humble beginnings of UCT in 1829 as a boarding high school for boys says in all.

Therefore, you will find out all the detailed arrangements put in place to ensure the success of this modelled educational platform.

Now, check out the answers to all your anxieties and question about the UCT Online education systems right below.


How Will The Teaching And Learning Be Done?

Since it is an online education system, both teachers and students will meet online to carry out the teaching and learning activities.

Thus, as students, you will meet your tutors online to receive education instructions and directions.

Undoubtedly, do not worry because the university engaged the services of the best Educational Technology firm in the country to design the online platform.


What Curriculum Will The School Run?

The UCT Online High School will run the National Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement – CAPS educational curriculum here.

Thus, all students who will attend the school will pass through the CAPS curriculum to complete grade 12.

Therefore, this will fully equip children for tertiary education, as they will not luck any knowledge that their peers in typical traditional educational education have.


What Exam Will The Online Students Write?

After going through the online educational drill, the online students will sit the NSC examination, just as their colleagues in traditional high school education.

Remember that certain exceptional events would bring the student to the University of Cape Town campus occasionally.

For example, students have to attend graduation after full completion of your program.


How Much Fees Will Students Pay?

Every student will pay R2,095 per month as fees.

This is a flexible monthly payment to enable every class of students to participate in the opportunity.

Interestingly, staff of the institution will enjoy a fee discount of up to 80% for your children.

Indeed, this UCT Online High School Lunched will bridge the gap between the rich and the poor for equal quality high school education.

Now, find out the official website of UCT Online High School.


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