University Of Pretoria Postgraduate Courses, A Complete Checklist Of Postgraduate Programmes Offered At University Of Pretoria

university of pretoria postgraduate courses

The Management Of the University of Pretoria Offers the following Checklist of accredited Postgraduate Courses and Programme.

Honestly, the University Of Pretoria is a highly reputable tertiary institution established in South Africa to train and groom the human capital and resource needs of South Africa.

Of course, these prospective students aim to read some innovative courses for Arts students at the University of Pretoria. 


The Postgraduate You Can Study At the University Of Pretoria?

Indeed, it isn’t surprising when people enquire about the Postgraduate courses At the University of Pretoria.

Upon successful first-degree graduation, you qualify to apply for a postgraduate program.

Is it worth doing a postgraduate course at the university? 

Indeed, it is beneficial to enroll in a postgraduate course at the University Of Pretoria.


A Checklist Of Postgraduate Programs Offered By University Of Pretoria

Indeed, courses are offered at the University of Pretoria for postgraduate applicants for admission. 

Now, what courses can first-degree holders study at the University Of Pretoria?

Now, here is the list of University Of Pretoria courses for Masters Degree applicants:

  • MA African Languages
  • MA African Languages (Coursework)
  • MA African-European Cultural Relations (Coursework)
  • MA Afrikaans
  • MA Ancient Languages and Cultures Studies
  • MA Applied Language Studies
  • MA Archaeology
  • MA Arts Therapies (Coursework)
  • MA Audiology
  • MA Augmentative and Alternative Communication
  • MA Augmentative and Alternative Communication (Coursework)
  • MA Clinical Psychology (Coursework)
  • MA Counselling Psychology (Coursework)
  • MA Creative Writing
  • MA Criminology
  • MA Digital Culture and Media
  • MA Diplomatic Studies (Coursework)
  • MA Drama and Film Studies
  • MA English
  • MA Environment and Society (Coursework)
  • MA Fine Arts
  • MA French
  • MA Geography
  • MA German


Further List Of Second Degree Courses At University Of Pretoria

Furthermore, you can read the programs below at the University of Pretoria:

  • MA Information Design
  • MA International Relations
  • MA Linguistics
  • MA Literary Theory
  • MA Philosophy
  • MA Political Science
  • MA Psychology
  • MA Research Psychology (Coursework)
  • MA Security Studies (Coursework)
  • MA Spanish
  • MA Speech-Language Pathology
  • MA Visual Studies
  • M Dram

The above shows that General Arts students have multiple programmes at the University of Pretoria.

Nevertheless, it would help if you remembered that you should obtain the right final grade to gain admission to the University Of Pretoria.


What Are The Admission Requirements For the University Of Pretoria Postgraduate Courses?

Before you read a masters degree programme at the University of Pretoria, you must obtain the following first-degree qualification:

  • First Class
  • Second Class Upper
  • Second Class Lower

From the above, it means that the higher your Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA), the better your chances of obtaining admission.


Which Class Does the University of Pretoria Accept For Masters Degree Program?

The University of Pretoria now accepts applicants who hold First Class, Second Class Upper, and Second Class Lower, and whic to apply for masters program.

Sincerely speaking, what this means is that the University of Pretoria -UP does not accept Third-class qualifications for masters courses.


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