General Arts Courses At UON, University Of Nairobi Art Programs

general arts courses at UON

The management of the University of Nairobi offers the following Arts courses to students At UON. Thus, you can apply to read any of the Art programs offered at the university listed below.

Educareguide has written all the details about General Arts Courses in UON – University Of Nairobi.

Indeed, the University of Nairobi is a highly reputable tertiary institution established in Kenya to train and groom Kenya’s human capital and resource needs.

Thus, many students in Kenya and worldwide (i.e., international students) desire to enter such a respected tertiary educational institution.

Usually, General Art Courses In UON are among the humanity courses offered in UON.


Bachelor Of Arts Courses At UON – University Of Nairobi

Indeed, it wasn’t surprising to me when someone asked, “What are the Art courses list available at the University of Nairobi?

Henceforth, without hesitation, I quickly researched and put together this guide o address the general Arts courses offered in UON.

Also, this piece gives details about UON Bachelor of Arts courses for admission applicants.

Therefore, I thought it necessary to provide and continuously update the list of Arts courses at the University of Nairobi for your benefit as our website visitor.

Furthermore, Bachelor of Arts courses in UON is quite competitive to get.


Bachelor Of Arts UON – Here Are The General Arts Programs

Indeed, general Arts students qualify to read many programs when referring to courses for General students at the University of Nairobi.

Now, what are the courses in UON that students who read Arts at the Senior High School level or second cycle level can read?

Specifically, please browse through our site to know the complete detailed admission requirements of the Art field courses in UON.

Presently, find the list of  University of Nairobi courses in the area of Arts below:

  • Bachelor Of Education Arts – Distance Learning
  • Bachelor Of Adult Education And Community Development
  • Bachelor Of Commerce Distance Learning
  • Bachelor Of Arts Gender And Development Studies
  • Bachelor Of Laws
  • Bsc. Operations And Supply Chain Management
  • Bachelor Of Arts
  • Ba Anthropology
  • Bachelor Of Arts In International Studies
  • Bachelor Of Commerce
  • Bachelor Of Education (Content Enhancement)
  • Bachelor Of Project Planning And Management
  • Bsc. Accounting
  • Bsc Finance
  • Bsc Accounting
  • Bachelor Of Arts
  • Bsc Finance
  • Bachelor Of Arts
  • Bachelor Of Economics
  • Bsc Operations And Supply Chain Management
  • Bachelor Of Project Planning And Management
  • Bachelor Of Economics & Statistics

Indeed, I have not exhausted the list of General Art courses in the university. Thus, check below and find more University of Nairobi Arts courses.


Other UON Bachelor Of Arts Courses

Indeed, there are other Faculty Of Arts Courses at UON – Kenya. Thus, the Bachelor of Arts UON course list is quite extensive.

Here is the other list of all Art courses offered at UON:

  • Bachelor Of Project Planning And Management
  • Bachelor Of Economics & Statistics
  • Bachelor Of Commerce
  • BA Journalism & Media Studies
  • Bachelor Of Commerce Distance Learning
  • BA Broadcast Production
  • Bachelor In Interior Design
  • BSc Management Of Agroecosystems & Environment
  • BSc Mathematics
  • BA Design
  • BSc Nursing
  • BSc Environmental Geoscience
  • BSc Meteorology
  • BSc Mathematics And Computing
  • BSc Nursing
  • Bachelor Of Real Estate
  • BSc Geology
  • BSc Environmental Conservation & Natural Resource Management

The above list of Bachelor of Arts programs in UON shows that General Arts students have multiple programmes.

Nevertheless, you must remember to obtain the right grades and aggregate to gain admission to UON.


Arts Courses Offered At UON And Cut Off Points

Remember that the University of Nairobi UON Courses come with their Cut Off Points. Thus, UON courses offered are quite competitive in terms of you securing admission to UON.

Truly, courses offered at UON for general Arts students come with specific requirements expected of applicants who apply.

Thus, the University of Nairobi is no exception. You to make the required grades to obtain admission to UON.

For this reason, you must work diligently to make the best grades to gain admission. Also, the cut-off point for the University of Nairobi – UON admission is not static; however, it may change from year to year.

Finally, I must say that, when it comes to general Arts courses at UON, usually, University of Nairobi fees for General Arts programmes are lower than that of Science programmes. 


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