UON Courses And Cluster Points, University of Nairobi, List Of Degree Programs Offered To Students

uon courses and cluster points

If you want to study a degree program at the University of Nairobi, then check out the following UON courses and cluster points for undergraduate students in this guide.

We’ve provided the complete list of UON Courses that you might be interested to read.

In addition to that, you will also see the cluster points of the University of Nairobi programmes offered.


University Of Nairobi Courses And Cluster Points Needed

Indeed, you may qualify to read the following degree courses at the University of Nairobi.

Notably, the courses listed in this guide are solely for first-degree applicants who want to study bachelor courses at the University of Nairobi.

Meanwhile, those looking for the list of Postgraduate programs at UON can find it by clicking on the link below the page.

Now, what are the courses at the University of Nairobi for prospective students?

Here are the list of UON courses and their cut off points:

  • Bachelor Of Education (Arts) – Distance Learning     23.6
  • Bachelor Of Adult Education And Community Development    24.5
  • Bachelor Of Commerce (Distance Learning)   30.1
  • Bachelor Of Arts (Gender And Development Studies)   23.5
  • Bachelor Of Laws    40.5
  • BSc Operations And Supply Chain Management    29.3
  • Bachelor Of Arts   24.7
  • Ba (Anthropology)    23.1
  • Bachelor Of Arts In International Studies     23.6
  • Bachelor Of Information Science    36.2
  • Bachelor Of Commerce    31.5
  • Bachelor Of Education (Content Enhancement)   26.4
  • Bachelor Of Project Planning And Management   26.4
  • BSc Accounting   30.1
  • BSc Finance   30.1
  • BSc Accounting   30.1


More degree courses at UON

Furthermore, here are UON Courses And Cluster Points:

  • Bachelor Of Arts   31.5
  • BSc Finance    30.1
  • Bachelor Of Arts    31.5
  • Bachelor Of Economics    31.2
  • BSc Operations And Supply Chain Management   29.4
  • Bachelor Of Project Planning And Management   29.4
  • Bachelor Of Economics & Statistics   28.7
  • Bachelor Of Commerce   31.2
  • Ba. (Journalism & Media Studies)   35.7
  • Bachelor Of Commerce (Distance Learning)   30.1
  • Ba. (Broadcast Production)    23.2
  • BSc. Actuarial Science    40.1
  • Bachelor In Interior Design    23.5
  • Bachelor Of Medicine And Bachelor Of Surgery   45.5
  • BSc. (Civil Engineering)   40.2
  • Bachelor Of Quantity Surveying    30.9
  • Bachelor Of Science   40.2
  • BSc. Management Of Agroecosystems & Environment     32.3
  • BSc. (Industrial Chemistry)    40.3
  • Bachelor Of Veterinary Medicine   44.9


Further Degree Programs At UON

  • BSc. (Mathematics)    40.5
  • Ba. (Design)   29.4
  • BSc. ( Nursing)    40.5
  • BSc.(Geospatial Engineering)    41.2
  • Bachelor Of Construction Management    35.1
  • BSc. Environmental Geoscience    28.7
  • BSc. ( Agriculture, Education And Extension)    35.3
  • BSc. (Meteorology)    27.1
  • BSc. Fisheries And Aquaculture Management    25.9
  • BSc. Mathematics And Computing     40.2
  • BSc (Microprocessor Technology & Instrumentation)
  • BSc. ( Nursing)    40.5
  • BSc. (Biosystems Engineering)    37.4
  • Bachelor Of Real Estate    38.7
  • BSc. (Agribusiness Management)    32.9
  • BSc. (Geology)    30.4
  • BSc. (Agriculture) – (a22)    28.5


Other Bachelor Courses At UON

  • BSc. (Petroleum Engineering)    41.3
  • BSc. (Biology)    39.5
  • Bachelor Of Pharmacy    44.5
  • Bachelor Of Architectural Studies/Bachelor Of Architecture    32.5
  • BSc. In Astronomy And Astrophysics    29.5
  • BSc. (Medical Laboratory Science And Technology)    38.7
  • BSc. (Food Science, Nutrition & Dietetics)    35.3
  • BSc. Analytical Chemistry    37.6
  • BSc. ( Food Science & Technology)    32.5
  • BSc. ( Electrical Engineering)    39.2
  • BSc. Microbiology And Biotechnology    39.5
  • Bachelor Of Dental Surgery    42.5
  • BSc. Computer Science    40.1
  • BSc. (Chemistry)    40.5
  • BSc (Biochemistry)    38.4
  • Bachelor Of Science (Agricultural Education And Extension)    35.5
  • Ba (Planning)    32.1
  • BSc. Petroleum Geoscience    40.5
  • BSc. ( Range Management)    31.5
  • BSc. (Mechanical Engineering)    35.9
  • BSc. Environmental Conservation & Natural Resource Management    29.3
  • Bachelor Of Science In Wildlife Management And Conservation    26.5

The above shows that you have multiple lists of degree courses you can study at the University of Nairobi.

Nevertheless, you must remember that you should obtain the right grades to gain admission to this popular tertiary institution.


Cluster Points At UON

Remember that, there are cluster points attached to every UON program that you want to study.

Typically, you will find the detailed requirements for a course at UON when you download the school’s prospectus.

Sincerely, I will advise you to continually evaluate the specific entry requirements to a program with your grades before proceeding with your application.

Also, I must say that the Undergraduate courses at UON  are knowledge-filled and exciting programmes.


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