What Are University Courses, How Different Are University Programmes From Courses?

what are university courses

This guide will explain what University courses are and how they are different from university programs.

Also, we have to offer some of these explanations to students to show how courses and programs relate to academia.

Now let’s first find out the meaning of a university course.


What Is A University Course?

Factually, a course is a unit of teaching that typically lasts one academic term, is led by one or more instructors (teachers or professors), and has a fixed roster of students. (Wikipedia)

Therefore from the above definition, you will realize the following facts:

  • First, Every course has a well-defined period that it must be delivered and completed.
  • Second, it is either a teacher, a tutor, an instructor, a lecturer or a professor who delivers a course, depending on the type of institution.
  • Third, both the instructor and the student are aware of the definite series of activities that they must complete by the end of the course.

Also, check the meaning of a program right below


What Is A University Program?

A university program is a group of courses and subjects that a student must go through and complete to receive a certificate or a degree.

In this case, the academic institution awards the certificate to the student who has gone through the entire mill and graduated successfully.

In this regard, you will realize the following differences between a program and a course at the university.


The Differences Between A University Course And Program

From the above explanations, you can realize these facts:

  • First, a course is a sub-set of a program at a school, university or college.
  • Second, a course usually has a shorter duration than a program.
  • Third, you usually get a certificate when you complete a program. However, you only get a result when you complete a course

Check an example of a program and a course right below.


Examples Of Programs And Courses

One, At the University of Cape Coast, Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting is A program, but Introduction to Business 1 is a course under the program.

Two, At the University of Ghana, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration is a Programme, but Quantitative Methods is a course under that program.


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