Does University Of Cape Town Offer Medicine, Can I Apply To UCT For Medicine?

university cape town medicine

If your dream is to find the answer to the question – Does the University Of Cape Town Offer Medicine, then you will certainly, want to read the following guide.

Indeed, the medical profession is a very noble one, as it is very key to human health and survival.

As a result, many universities across South African find it necessary to mount medical programs for students to study.

Certainly, the University of Cape Town is no exception in this regard.

Now, find out whether you can become a medical doctor by studying at the University of Cape Town from the details right below.


Does UCT Offer Medicine?

As a matter of fact, UCT started medicine as far back as 1918, when it gained accreditation to run a Medical School.

Thus, UCT offers medical education to students at the undergraduate level. 

Very importantly, make sure that you meet the university of cape town requirements for medicine before you tender in your application for admission.

This is because the UCT medicine course is very competitive and highly reputable.


University Of Cape Town Medicine Closing Date

Now, what is UCT application closing dates for medicine applicants for 2022?

Very importantly, applicants from South African must submit proof of having sat the National Benchmark Tests – NBTs.

When all your documents are set, you must submit them before the UCT medical school application deadline.

So when are UCT applications closing for the 2022 academic year?

Remember that the closing date to submit your UCT medicine application online is 31st August 2021.

As a result, all your relevant documents should be ready for upload to the Email address.


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