UEW Distance Learning Programme, University Of Education, Winneba

UEW Distance Learning Programme

Find out every information you need to know about UEW Distance Learning Programme offered by the University of Education, Winneba.


In this guide, you will get the full details of:

  • UEW Distance Education Courses Offered;
  • How to gain admission to read a distance education programme;
  • Category of programmes you can study on distance learning basis;
  • Admission requirement for UEW distance Learning applicants;
  • How to apply to read a distance education programme at UEW;
  • How to check UEW distance learning results;

And much more information about UEW distance program that you can ever imagine.


UEW Distance Education Programmes Offered

Indeed, the courses offered at UEW are at various levels of study. Thus UEW offers courses at:

  • Diploma Level;
  • Post Diploma (Degree) Level;
  • Postgraduate Level (Masters Degree) Level;

Now check out the list of courses you can study at these various levels of study right below.

Diploma Courses - UEW Distance Learning

As a matter of fact, you can read the following diploma programmes at UEW on distance Learning basis:

Diploma Level

Post Diploma (Degree) Level

Postgraduate (Masters Degree) Level

Degree Programmes - UEW Distance Learning

Certainly, you can offer the following degree programmes at UEW on distance learning basis:


Postgraduate Programmes

We will update them very soon

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UEW Admission Requirement - Distance Learning

Before you apply to read any program at University of Education, Winneba, you must be aware of these admission requirements. 

Indeed, UEW offers several admission avenues to different category of students who seek admissions at the university.

Therefore, check these requirements into details right below:

Wassce Applicants

Mature Applicants

If you are a Wassce applicants, then you must possess the following grades before you apply:


If you are applying through the entrance examination avenue, then you should take the following into consideration:

Admission Process - UEW Distance Learning

At this section, you will find all the steps you should follow in order to attain admission to the University of Education, Winneba.

Also, you will find the portal you will use to follow up on your admission application to UEW, in order to find out whether you’ve been admitted to the university or not.

Now check the details right below.

How To Apply

Now follow these steps if you want to apply for admission at UEW to read a distance learning education programme:


Admission Status Checker

After submitting your admission application to the university, use these processes to follow up whether your application is successful or unsuccessful:

https://uew.edu.gh/Now, how do I check my exam result at UEW if I’m a distance learning student? 

First you can check the results of all the papers you write.

In addition to that, we have the details of steps you should follow to check your exam result at UEW

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