Is Distance Learning Good For Students? What Are The Pros And Cons Of Distance Learning?

is distance learning good for students

Is Distance Learning really good for students? This guide will explain all the Merits and Demerits of studying on a distance learning basis at universities in Ghana.

In recent times, many people have opted for distance learning as a credible alternative for university education in Ghana.
Meanwhile, not many people understand the advantages and disadvantages of distance learning in Ghana.
Therefore, read this guide to get all the information you need before enrolling at certain universities in Ghana on a distance learning basis.
Now find the purpose of distance learning from the details right below.


What Is The Purpose Of Distance Learning?

In the first place, why did universities in Ghana start distance learning programs?

Now here are some of the reasons for starting such courses in Ghana:

  • First, universities in Ghana started distance learning courses to allow workers to further their education without enrolling at university on a regular or full-time basis.
  • Second, the purpose is to allow full-time or part-time workers to upgrade their knowledge on the job through further studies at the university without having to go for study leave.
  • Third, Ghana Education Service needed to retain its staff who were leaving the classroom for further studies, which led to a poor teacher-to-student ratio in Ghana.

Now find the pros and cons of distance learning education in Ghana from the details right below?


What Are The Pros And Cons Of Distance Learning Education In Ghana?

Emphatically speaking, everything in life has advantages and disadvantages. Therefore find answers to the question – is distance learning good for students – from this piece of educational guidance we are giving to you.

Indeed, Distance Learning Education is no exception.

Before you embark on such a learning method at the university, you should understand the following pros and cons that come with it.

In this regard, let us first find the advantages of learning on a distance basis from the details right below.


What Are The Benefits Of Distance Learning?

Indeed, you will have the following advantages if you study on a distance learning basis:

  • First, you will be able to read a university course whiles still working. In that case, your employment income gives you the funds to pay for your educational expenses.
  • Second, it allows unqualified applicants to gain admission to the university. In this regard, you can gain admission through the entrance examination window, though you may not qualify as per your Wassce results.
  • Third, it helps to upgrade your knowledge about your job. Usually, you will get higher pay when you upgrade yourself whiles working.
  • Third, it allows organizations to retain their best staff as they can work and school simultaneously.

Now find out the disadvantages of this phenomenon from the details below.


The Disadvantages Of Distance Learning

Honestly, this type of learning has some disadvantages, despite the numerous advantages it brings to the learner.

in this regard, here are some of the demerits of distance learning:

  • First, you should realize that some government organizations do not employ a certain calibre of graduates who pass through distance learning programs in Ghana. Why do you think this is the case? Please find the answer the details below.
  • Second, Family and Work issues can distract a distance-learning student from performing well in school.
  • Third, some business organizations are reluctant to employ graduates from distance learning due to certain traditional preceptions.


Distance Learning And Employment In Ghana

Now let us find out why some government organizations in Ghana do not employ some Distance Learning Graduates.

Though you may have a distance learning diploma or degree certificate, yet some government organizations may still refuse to employ you.

Here is the reason some government institutions in Ghana don’t employ distance learning graduates:

  • First, if you enrolled in the distance program with an unaccepted Wassce Result, that same Wassce result is used to access your application for a future job even after you have acquired the diploma or degree certificate.
  • Therefore, the employing organization does not only consider your degree or diploma certificate, but they also go back to evaluate your Wassce or Sssce results as well.
  • In that case, any organization which does not accept for instance D7, E8 or F9 will not accept your degree or diploma alone for recruitment.

So is distance learning good for students in Ghana or not? Find the answer right below.


Should We Select Distance Learning?

Generally, I will never discourage anyone from enrolling in a distance learning program, however, please take this advice.

Honestly, my advice is that you should make the effort and pass your Wassce exam well so as to avoid any future challenges in your career.

Secondly, you should enrol in distance learning programs with your Wassce result and certificate rather than through any Entrance Examination system adopted by the university.

Indeed, employment opportunities in Ghana are very limited, and for that reason, many employing organizations are using so many strategies to disqualify a lot of graduates.

Therefore when it comes to the issue of “is distance learning good for students”, I want you to understand that it all depends on how you gained admission to that specific distance learning course.


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