Abijack Hostel At UEW, Winneba, Accommodation Facility At University Of Education, Winneba

abijack hostel at uew

This guide gives you all the information you need to know about the Abijack Hostel at UEW.

Indeed, the Abijack Hostel is a private accommodation facility at Winneba for UEW students who do not reside in the Halls of Residence.

Not only them, but the Abijack Hostel also serves students of other Tertiary Institutions at Winneba.

Interestingly, this guide gives you the following details about the Abijack Hostel at UEW, Winneba:

  • First, the Abijack Hostel facilities;
  • Second, the Abijack Hostel Price;
  • Third, the Abijack Hostel location;
  • Fourth; the Abijack Hostel Contact Number; and
  • Any other relevant information about the hostel

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First, let us look at the facilities at Abijack hostel from the details below.

Facilities At Abijack Hostel, UEW, Winneba

Indeed, you will find the following facilities in the Abijack Hostel:

  • Bed and Mattress
  • Toilet and Bath (Self-Contained)
  • Wifi for internet browsing
  • Wardrope
  • Prepaid Meter for every room
  • Standby Generator and Solar in case of light off
  • Dstv and TV Room
  • Fan
  • Study Hall
  • Security and CCTV Camara
  • Unisex Salon
  • Supermarket
  • Reservoir
  • Shuttle Service 
  • Joyce Kitchen for food and beverages

So how much is a room or bed at Abijack Hostel at UEW, Winneba?

Please find out the answer to that question in the details below.


Abijack Hostel Prices, UEW, Winneba

Honestly, the amount you will pay to book a room or bed at Abijack hostel depends on the room occupants you want.

In this regard, the hostel manager allows you to decide whether you want to be:

  • Four (4) in a room GH¢1,930;
  • Two (2) in a room GH¢3,430; or
  • One (1) in a room GH¢5,430.

Therefore, the hostel fee you pay for Abijack Hostel in Winneba depends on your financial strength and the level of comfort and privacy you want.

Now how do I find Abijack Hostel in Winneba UEW? Please check out the answer to that question in the details below.


The Location Of Abijack Hostel At UEW, Winneba

You can find Abijack Hostel at Ayigya Street, Winneba.

Interestingly, we have generated the Abijack Hostel GPS Address right here for you.

In this regard, The Ghana Post GPS digital address of Abijack Hostel is:


Remember you need to install the Ghana Post GPS App from Google Playstore and IOS App Store to use this address to locate the hostel.

Now, click here to find out how to use the Ghana Post GPS digital address to drive or walk directly to any place in Ghana.

How do I contact the Abijack Hostel receptionist or manager to reserve a room or bed?

Please find the answer to that question in the details below.


Abijack Hostel Phone Number Or Contact Number

Indeed, Abijack Hostel is in such high demand at Winneba.

Therefore I will implore you to call the receptionist, porter, or manager to book your room before arrival at Winneba.

You can contact Abijack Hostel, UEW, Winneba on the following Number:

+233 54 486 2114

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