UEW Halls And Fees, Accommodation For Students At University Of Education, Winneba

uew halls and fees

This guide will inform you about the University or government halls at UEW, the hall fees, and other detailed information on the University of Education, Winneba Halls.

I believe you will want to find out whether the University of Education, Winneba, provides accommodations for the student they admit.

Indeed, the answer to such a question may go a long way to deciding whether you will select UEW as your destination for tertiary education in Ghana or not.

When we mention the Hall of Residence, we refer to the University or Government accommodation reserved for students.

So are there halls of residence on UEW campuses? Please check out the answer to that question from the details below.


Does UEW Have Government Halls?

Indeed, there are Government or University Halls of Residence on all UEW campuses, though some students may prefer private hostels as their choice of accommodation at UEW.

After publishing the private hostels on our site, we felt the need to publish that of the halls of residence on all UEW campuses. 

Therefore, this guide focuses on only government halls on the UEW campus.

Remember that most Universities in Ghana offer accommodation for only first-year students they admit.

Likewise, UEW offers accommodation facilities to all newly admitted first-year students.

Now check out the list of halls you will find on UEW campuses from the details below.


List Of Halls At UEW

Here are the Halls of Residence at the University of Education, Wenniba, for students:

  • Ghartey Hall
  • Simple Hall
  • Amaniampong Hall
  • Autonomy Hall
  • Atwima Hall
  • Opoku Ware Hall
  • University Hall Annex
  • University Hall
  • Kwagyir Aggrey Hall
  • Guess Hostel & Guest House (public)

Assuredly you will find the list of UEW Halls And Fees on our site. Please take note that these UEW Halls and Fees are different from Hall dues.

So is it compulsory for all first-year students to be in the Halls of Residence at UEW?

Please find the answer to that question in the details below.


Is Hall Accommodation Compulsory For First First-Year Students?

Please take note of the following facts:

  • First, all UEW students all affiliated with a University Hall of Residence.
  • Second, you can choose to be in any private hostel accommodation despite your affiliation to a Hall of Residence.
  • Third, residing in a private hostel does not nullify your affiliation to your Hall of Residence.

Given this, you will realize that every student must be affiliated with a government hall, though it is not compulsory to reside in that Hall.

So which students qualify for Hall accommodation at UEW? Please find the answer to that question in the details below.


Which Students Reside In The Halls Of Residence On UEW Campuses?

Interestingly, the University has made the halls available for first-year students.

As a result, this saves fresh students from the inconvenience of searching for accommodation in an unfamiliar environment.

However, the University allocates the room on a first-come, first-served basis to fresh students.

Also, this does not prevent first-year students from renting private hostels of their choice.

Remember that the second, third and final year students are supposed to look for accommodation from private hostels in and around the University, 

However, there is an exception to this policy.

Interestingly, the following category of students may reside in the Hall for all four years:

  • Athletes and Sports students;
  • Hall Executives;
  • Students who perform essential activities for the Hall


UEW Hall Fees

So how much fee will students pay for hall accommodation at the University Of Education, Winneba?

Usually, students look for accommodations based on the pricing and facilities available. 

Most often, Halls of Residence are moderate in pricing compared to private hostels.

However, private hostels around UEW have more comfortable and convenient facilities than halls.

Currently, at the University Of Education, Winneba, hall accommodation fees range from 800 to 1000 Ghana Cedis based on the number of occupants in a room.

Usually, the rooms in halls accommodate from two (2) to four (4) persons in a room.


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