UEW Hostels And Fees, University Of Education, Winneba Accommodation Facilities

uew hostels and fees

This guide provides information on UEW hostels and fees at the University of Education, Winneba, in Ghana.

Whenever students secure admission at UEW, the next thing they consider is the accommodation facility.

Also, this guide gives you the list of private hostel facilities in Winneba and the cost of renting them.

Remember that at UEW, there are Government Hostels and Privately Owned hostels.

The Government hostels are usually referred to as Halls of Residence.

This guide concentrates on the Private hostels for Students at UEW.

First, why do you need to know the list of private hostels in Winneba for UEW students?

Find out the answer below.


Why You Need A Private Hostels At UEW

The University of Education, Winneba, implements the In-Out-Out-Out accommodation polity for all students of UEW.

In this regard, the University offers accommodation to only First Year Students.

Therefore, all second to final year students must find alternative accommodation in and around the University campus.

In this light, Educareguide has compiled a list of all the Hostel Facilities available to students at Winneba.

Remember that the hostel facilities are not reserved for only students of UEW.

However, students of other tertiary institutions can also rent these accommodation facilities.

Now find out some of the facilities you will enjoy in the hostels listed below.


Facilities You Will Find At Hostels Around UEW

When you click on any of the hostels below, you will find all the detailed information about the hostel.

In this regard, you will get to know if the hostel has any of these facilities:

  • Number of Occupants in a room (from one (1) to four (4) in a room)
  • Toilet and Bath 
  • Bed/Mattress
  • Toilet and Bath (Self-Contained)
  • Wifi
  • Wardrope
  • Prepaid Electricity Metre (Self Use)
  • Standby Generator
  • Dstv and Fan
  • Study Hall and TV Room
  • Security and CCTV Camara
  • Unisex Salon and Supermarket
  • Reservoir, Shuttle Service, Solar, And Kitchen

From the above, you will realize that UEW private hostels have varied facilities.

Now, find the list of the UEW Accommodation facilities from the details below.


The List Of UEW Private Hostels Or Accommodation Facilities

Find the list of the best hostels in and around the University of Education, Winneba:

  • Abijack Hostel
  • Ade-Nhyira Hostel
  • Moni Hostel
  • Hansville Hostel
  • Adinkra Hostel
  • Justel Hostel
  • Adcc Hostel
  • Eyigyaa Hostel
  • Blue-Field Hostel
  • Horsburg Hostel
  • Her-Exellency Hostel
  • St Therasa’S Hostel
  • Alpha ‘B’ Hostel
  • Anchilla Hostel
  • St Anthony Hostel
  • Maame Essaba Hostel (Phase 2 Annex)
  • Presbyterian Congregation Hostel

Now how do I find where these hostels are located in Winneba? Please check out the answer right below.


How To Find The Location Of UEW Hostels

Use these steps to locate your choice of hostel in and around the University of Education campus:

  • First, click on the name of the hostel you want from the list above;
  • Second, navigate to the sub-heading of the article that talks about the location and Ghana Post GPS address.
  • Next, click on the GPS Address located there, which will make it straightforward to where the hostel is located.

In this regard, just click on any of the lists of hostels, and you will find directions.

Are these Accommodation facilities available for both male and female students?

Please check out the answer right below.


Male And Female Hostels At UEW

As you go through the details of the hostels listed above, you will find that almost all of them accommodate both male and female students.

However, male students have their floor or block, while female students have theirs.

Therefore, it is very unlikely to have both male and female occupants on the same floor or block.

Likewise, you will not find both males and females in the same room.

Now check the UEW hostels and fees details below.


The Prices Of Hostel Accommodation At UEW

All this while, I know you will be wondering about the rent amount of these accommodation facilities at the University of Education, Winneba.

Based on our research, Educareguide found out that it costs an average student from 1,000 Ghana Cedis to 6,000 Ghana Cedis.

Notably, this UEW hostels and fees depends on the facilities in the hostel and the number of occupants in a room.


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