How To Connect To UEW Wifi, UEW Wifi Authentication, University Of Education, Winneba

How To Connect To UEW Wifi

This guide will help you how to connect to the UEW WiFi service as a student on the University of Education, Winneba campus.

Importantly, students need the University of Education, Winneba, WiFi Connectivity to perform several tasks online, such as:

  • Academic research;
  • Online Lectures;
  • Login to the UEW Online Library and 
  • Many other online and virtual tasks.

Now, find out how to connect to the UEW WiFi from the details below.


Why Must You Use The UEW WIFI?

Sometimes, some students think they do not need to use the internet services that the University has provided for them.

Instead, they prefer to buy their data for internet purposes while on campus.

However, it would help if you realized that it is reasonable to use the University WiFi since you have paid for it.

In this guide, we learn how to connect to the UEW WiFi and locations at the campus.

Also, you will learn about the locations where you can get a strong signal and faster speed.


Steps To Connect To UEW WiFi

Now here are the steps to connect to the University of Education WiFi:

  • First, go to your device’s Settings and turn on WiFi 
  • Search for available networks 
  • Second, you should see the name or the SSID as “UEW ENTERPRISE.”
  • Next, click on it to open the login portal
  • Now, in the USERNAME section, enter your Index Number as your username
  • Next, enter your Applicant ID as your password in the “PASSWORD” section.
  • Remember that your applicant’s ID is the number you used to pay your school fees when you were admitted.
  • Please check your ID on your admission letter if you need help remembering it.
  • When you submit these details, the system will redirect you to the UEW website.
  • Now, you should see the WiFi connection at this point.

Congratulation. You can also enjoy every bit because you have paid for it.

Let us look at areas where you can get a strong and fast internet connection.


Areas Where UEW WiFi Signal Is Strong

The following are some of the areas on the UEW campus where you will get fast internet speed:

  • Radio Windy Bay at the South Campus
  • In front of Amu Theatre, Central Campus
  • Kwegyir Aggrey Hall Block B
  • Graphic Design Department
  • Ghartey Hall Block A
  • GUSS Hostels
  • ATMs around the North Campus Entrance
  • The IT Department, South Campus
  • Beside Osagyefo Library
  • North Campus Social Sciences Faculty
  • The Pecku Administration Building
  • Radio Windy Bay at the South Campus


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