Kenyatta University Hostel Facility, Accommodation At The Kenyatta University

kenyatta university hostel facility

Both prospective and admitted students at Kenyatta University will want to know about the hostel facility at Kenyatta University.

In this guide, you will first find out whether Kenyatta University provides hostel accommodation.

If so, then you will get to know about these Kenyatta University Hostel Facility and which people qualify for them.

First, let us find out whether Kenyatta University offers accommodation to students on its campuses.



Does Kenyatta University Have Hostel Accommodation?

Indeed Kenyatta University offers hostels facility to students on its campuses.

Due to administrative reasons, the University has divided its accommodation at the main campus into three zones: namely the 

  • Western Zone, 
  • Eastern Zone, and the 
  • Nyayo Zone.

The hostels accommodate students as follows:

  • First, the Joint Admission Board students at the Main Campus, and 
  • Second, some spaces are available to Self Sponsored students at the Ruiru Campus.

Therefore, the University offers accommodation to students at the main Campus and Ruiru Campus.

Now find the kind of hostel facilities Kenyatta University has from the details below.

Remember the gender (male or Female) is attached to the hostel’s name for clarification.


Main Campus Hostels

The University has divided its main campus accommodation into three zones as follows:


Eastern Zone
  • Mfumbiro Hostel, Male
  • Nyandarua Hostel, Male
  • Old Menengai Hostel, Male
  • New Menengai 3,4,5 and 6 Hostel, Male
  • New Menengai 1 and 2 Hostel, Female
  • New Aberdares Hostel, Female
  • Old Aberdares Hostel,  Female


Western Zone
  • Usambara Hostel blocks 2,3,4 and 5 Male
  • New Ruwenzori Hostel Male
  • Longonot Hostel Male
  • Kilimambogo Hostel Male
  • Lukenya Hostel Female
  • Ngong Hostel Female
  •  Old Ruwenzori Hostel Female
  • Usambara Hostel block 1 Female


Nyayo Zone
  • Nyayo Three Male
  • Nyayo Four Male
  • Nyayo Flats Male
  • Nyayo One Female
  • Nyayo Two Female
  • Nyayo five Female
  • Nyayo Six Female


Ruiru Campus Hostels

  • Chania Hostel Male
  • Tana Hostel blocks 2, 3 and 4 Male
  • Athi Hostel Female
  • Tana Hostel blocks 1 and 5 Female


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