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When Will SHS Students Go To School After Vacation? Check The Date Your Child Should Return To School After The Easter Festivities

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Certainly, when SHS Students will go to school after Vacation is a matter of concern to parents, guardians and students alike.

In other words, it is absolutely very important for you as a parent to know when your ward must return to school to finish the first semester of the SHS academic calendar for 2021.

In this guide, you will find answers to the following question on the GES 2020/2021 academic calendar for SHS students:

  • When will SHS 1 students go to school after  the Easter holidays?
  • What is the reopening date for SHS 3 students 2021 after the short break?
  • When will SHS 2 students go to school in 2021?
  • Also, when will SHS 3 students resume form vacation in Ghana? Find Out about it from HERE.
  • What is the SHS schools reopening date 2021?
  • When are schools resuming in Ghana after the Mid Term break?

Certainly, you will find the answers to the the following question from the educational news you are about to read. So continue to enjoy your reading because that’s what Educareguide offers to our visitors.

Indeed, I must emphasize that, the SHS first semester is not ended, because the students only came for a Short break which some may call a mid term.

Also, parent should be aware that some of these children sometimes indulge in all manner of wayward behaviour when they pass elsewhere on the way to school.

Definitely, I know that the situation is quiet different if you drive your ward personally to school.

In fact, you should know that if your looking for what is the latest news about reopening of schools in Ghana, then your are at the right page.

Currently, which category of SHS students are in school? Find it out right below.


Which SHS Track Is In School Now?

Currently, the group of SHS students who are in school are SHS 2 Gold Students, SHS 3 both gold and SHS 1 Gold Students.

However, certain Senior High Schools which have enough facilities can in addition to the above group, have the SHS 1 Green students in school as well.

Even there are some few Senior High Schools who have adequate facilities to accommodate all category of students in school, except SHS 2 students (both Gold and Green track).

Now when would school reopen in Ghana after the Easter holiday? Check out the date SHS student will return to school right below.


When Will SHS Students Go To School After Easter?

Indeed, if you will recall, you will realize that, all SHS students came for the Easter break which stared on Thursday, 1st April, 2021.

As a matter of fact, parents and students should note that this break is certainly not a vacation.

Soon after the Passover holiday festivities, I hope by now your child is already in school.

Accordingly, GES directives indicates that SHS student are to be in school on the Wednesday, 7th April, 2021 to continue the semester.

Now, when will SHS 3 students return to school in Ghana? Truly, you will find the answer to this question from HERE.


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