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knust student portal login

In this guide, we’ve taken the time to explain every Step Detail you need to know about the Knust Student Portal Login Page, the Knust App Portal, Knust AIM, etc.

Indeed, the Knust Student Portal Login App helps you to:

  • Pay Your Fees;
  • Register your courses for the semester;
  • Check your result, and
  • Do Many More Things With Your Knust Student App.

Thus, find out how to perform all of the above tasks below.

Indeed, university education keeps drifting online as our current world becomes virtual.

As a result, it is incumbent on every student to know and understand all the online resources and platforms for a smooth online university education.

Therefore, for this reason, Educareguide will take you through all the information you need concerning the newly upgraded Knust portal App, known as the Knust AIM.

Also, in this guide, you will learn the various tasks you can perform with the App as the benefits of the Knust AIM.


Knust APPS Portal Download Page.

Assuredly, when you download the Knust APP, it is easier to access your student information at Knust.

Emphatically, the Knust Android app login process is almost identical to the Knust web login process.

Thus, after you’ve downloaded the App, you will launch the App first and login to perform specific tasks regarding your university education at Knust.

Meanwhile, remember that the App is also on IOS, and we will update you when the university launches the Windows app.

Therefore, click here to download the Knust AIM if you don’t have the App.

Find out what to do on the Knust Aim app login page below.


Knust AIM App Tasks

The Knust Academic Information Manager – AIM is a management information system designed by the university for students and lecturers (Staff).

After downloading the Knust app portal, you will have to login. To sign in, use these steps to log in to the Knust AIM:

First, enter your Knust Student ID Number in the field provided and

Secondly, click the “Login” button below to sign in to the Knust student account page.

Indeed, among many other things that you can do with your Knust AIM, the following:

  • Register your courses for the semester
  • Check your Knust semester results online
  • Edit your records at Knust
  • Get access to news about Knust
  • Be alerted with Notification on significant updates at the university
  • Get Instant messages from Knust
  • Check your fees and download your account transaction with the university


Pay Knust Fees With The Knust Mobile App

How do I pay my Knust fees on the Knust Mobile App?

Interestingly, the Knust Fee-paying section on the app page makes it easier to pay your school fees at Knust.

Indeed, you can pay your Knust fees by Mobile Money or Debit Card. Go on the AIM.

After visiting the Knust fee payment section on the App, please select your payment option and follow the subsequent steps.


Web Login Page – Knust Student Portal

Assuredly, you are not left out if you prefer to log in through the Web.

Thus, follow these steps to login to your Knust student portal account with your computer or tablet:

  • First, visit the Knust portal login page here.
  • Secondly, enter your Username, Password, and Student ID in the fields provided and
  • Lastly, click the “Login” button to sign in to your Knust student.

Remember, you can perform the same tasks on the web page just as you can on the Knust mobile app.

However, click here  if you are looking for the Knust online lecture platform for students and lecturers or the Knust e learning portal login page.

Likewise, click here to log in and have your Knust exams online for your Knust online examination.


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