When Will SHS 3 Students Go Back To School, SHS 3 Reopening Date 2023

when will shs 3 students go back to school

As a matter of fact, when will SHS 3 students go back to school? Certainly, Educareguide has answered this essential question in this education news update below.

Indeed, a parent needs to know when their ward in SHS 3 will return to school to complete their Senior High School education in Ghana.

This guide will fully inform you about the GES timetable for SHS 3 students for the 2023 academic year.

Thus find answers to the following questions on SHS 3 reopening date and final WASSCE exams date for 2023:

  • When will SHS 3 students return from vacation?
  • What is the reopening date for SHS 3 students?
  • When will SHS 3 students write their mock exams?
  • What is the 2023 SHS academic calendar for final-year students?
  • When will Final year student write their Wassce Exams?

Indeed, you may be aware that Form 3 students went home for Christmas.

So how long will they continue to stay home? Wait and read for yourself as we compile answers to these questions.

When is the SHS 3 reopening? In other words, when are SHS 3 students reopening?

In the meantime, what are some repercussions for not knowing the exact date your child should get to school and return home? 


Behaviours Children Indulge In

Honestly, Educareguide finds it necessary to inform parents and students about the reopening date of schools to curb certain behaviours children may indulge in.

For instance, it is prevalent to find students hiding at certain dangerous places in the name of going to school or returning from school. 

In that case, your child may leave home a week before reopening and get to school after several days.

Unfortunately, these students may be involved in sexual and drug activities, which are rampant among SHS students.

So when are SHS 3 students reopening? Find out the answers to these questions right below.


SHS 3 Reopening Date 2023

Indeed, we know the circumstances facing senior high school education implementation in Ghana. Now check out some of the reasons why sometimes SHS 3 students must wait for a little before going to school:

  • The current track system that GES is implementing in Senior High schools across Ghana.
  • Lack of enough classroom and boarding facilities to accommodate the numbers in SHS due to the government’s implementation of the Free SHS policy.
  • Secondly, there may be a food shortage in some Senior High Schools in Ghana, as complained about by some heads of Senior High Schools in the country.

Indeed, these and many other reasons can account for the delay in reopening schools in Ghana for SHS 3 students.

Now, when are schools resuming in Ghana for SHS 3 students? Find out the resuming date for SHS 3 students right below.


When Will SHS 3 Students Go To School?

All Senior High Schools in Ghana will reopen on 10th January 2023.

Accordingly, the GES calendar for the 2023 academic year, SHS 3 and 2 students, will reopen on Tuesday, January 10th, 2023.

Sometimes, some SHS schools adjust their reponing date to ease children’s transportation difficulty when they all reopen or vacate together.

So when will the SHS 3 students vacate, and when will they reopen again? Find the answer right below.


When Will SHS 3 Vacate, And When Will SHS 3 Students Reopen?

As stated above, the SHS 3 students will reopen on Tuesday, 10th January 2023.

Importantly, you should note that these Form 3 students will continue to stay in school to write their Mock Exams.

From then on, they will begin final preparation for the 2023 Wassce Examination.

You should know that SHS 3 students will not vacate again until the 2023 WASSCE exam is over. Thus, if your child comes home during this period, they are home for different reasons.

Now find out when final year students will write the Wassce examination from here.


When Will SHS 3 Students Go For Mid-Semester Break?

We are concerned about when students will return to school in 2023.

Therefore, GES will decide on issues of a mid-term break later in the year.

With our deep knowledge and experience in education, we even hope that SHS 3 students instead report to school much earlier to complete their various syllabi.

Keep your fingers crossed as we are committed to updating you on every educational news update this year.

Thank you for reading.


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