When Will SHS 1 Students Go To School In

When Will SHS 1 Students Go To School In 2021 – The Reporting Date For Form 1 Students

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The Ghana Education Service – GES – has issued directives on when SHS 1 students will go to school in the 2021 academic year. Thus, find out the details regarding the reopening of school for SHS1 students below.


When Will SHS 1 Students Go To School In


We are going to explain all the details of the directives that GES has announced concerning the shs 1 reopening date 2021 in Ghana.

Now, when will shs 1 students go to school in 2021.

Indeed, when it comes to when will shs 1 student go to school, then we must the circumstances that confront the entire world currently into consideration.

As the saying goes, “we can revive a dead economy, but we cannot revive dead people” – H.E. Nana Akufo-Addo, Ghana’s President.

Thus, instead of the usual September, the new academic calendar starts from January, 2021.

For this reason, when will the shs 1 students go to school becomes a question that needs a factual answer.

Also, the Form 3 students and Form 2 Gold students reported on 18th January, 2021.


Reopening Date For SHS 1 Students 2021 In Ghana

Now, when are the shs 1 students going to school in 2021.

As a matter of fact, SHS 1 students will go to school on September 1st, 2021.

This date is not yet postponed from the original reopening date on the 2021 academic calendar. Thus all parent and students should note the changes made by Ghana Education Service.

Already, the SHS 2 Green track students are in school. Also Form 3 students about to write wassce 2021 are in school.

In this case, we all hope that the shs 1 reopening date will go as planned.

Educareguide will entreat all prospective SHS1 student and parent to observe the covid-19 protocols in order to stay safe. All thins being equal, when is shs 1 students going to school is dependent on some factors, such as the covid-19 situation in the country.

Indeed, the saying goes that, a healthy mind lies in a healthy body. Thus, health should be paramount.

Certainly, I want to believe that the issue of when are shs 1 students going to school in 2021 in Ghana is settled.


Is SHS 1 Admission Still In Progress?

Now, despite the fact that the reopening date is postponed, shs 1 students who have been placed in Senior High Schools should continue to finish the admission process.

In fact, as part of the admission process, many SHS1 student picked up their prospectus from 1st March, 2021.

Just as it is done, shs 1 student should continue to report to schools you have been placed and pick up your prospectus.

Therefore, it is refreshing to know that, admission for SHS 1 student is still in progress across all Senior High Schools in the Ghana.

This is is irrespective of the fact that, the reporting date to school is 18th March. Clearly speaking, report date here means when shs 1 student will report with all the items for inspection and acceptance into the school officially.

Indeed, the extension period is to afford parent, students and schools enough time to prepare for the schools to reopen for academic work to begin.

Also, students have issues with their placement can go ahead and ratify it ahead of the reporting date

Again, parents will have to buy the items that their children need in order to report to various senior schools.


When Will SHS 1 Admission End

Indeed, you should remember that, there is a time period that you should to finish the admission process and report to school.

Thus, a delay in accepting your admission in a school will lead to  the government withdrawing the scholarship from your ward and replaced with another person.

Indeed, this phenomena is very typical of schools and programmes that are very competitive.

As a matter fact, the admission period for all SHS 1 students is expected to continue even when classes for shs 1 students has started.

As a result, parent and student should harry up and take their places in schools they are placed as early as possible.

Also, bear in mind that, by a month from reopening, admission is likely to end.

I believe all your concerns regarding when the shs 1 students will go to school are well answered.


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