Getfund Scholarship In Ghana, Apply Now And Receive Financial Support

getfund scholarship in ghana

This guide educates you on all the information you need about the Getfund Scholarship in Ghana.

Also, the guide explores other details such as:

  • Who qualifies to apply for the Getfund Scholarship Ghana;
  • How To Apply for the Getfund Scholarship Ghana;
  • The Application Deadline and
  • How to contact the Getfund Scholarship Ghana Office.

First, let’s look at what the Getfund scholarship in Ghana is about.


What Is the Getfund Scholarship Ghana?

Ghana Education Trust (GET) Fund is a government initiative to support the delivery of quality education to the Ghanaians from the basic to tertiary level.

The Getfund funding policies ensure the the goverment provides essential resources for all levels of education to all parts of the Ghanaian population.

The GETFund was established on 25th August 2000 by ACT 581. 

In addition to infrastructure, the country formed the Getfund to help the brilliant but needy in Ghana.

Also, The Getfund is a support given to Ghanaians to study locally or abroad.

Now, let’s know who qualifies to apply for the Getfund Scholarship Ghana.


Who Qualifies For The Getfund Scholarship Ghana 

Remember that you must meet the following Eligibility Criteria to qualify for the Getfund Scholarship Ghana :

  • Should be a citizen of Ghana.
  • You should complete all components of an undergraduate degree.
  • Must state that there is a financial challenge.
  • You should be on good behavior and be responsible.
  • Must have good WACCE results.

Now, check out the courses or programs you must study to be eligible for the Getfund Scholarship.


Eligible University Courses And Programmes

Applicants should study for an Undergraduate Degree to qualify for the scholarship scheme.

Thus, you should have an admission to a reputable university to study a first-degree program.

Now, let’s look at the eligibility requirement for the Getfund Scholarship.


Application Requirements For Getfund Scholarship In Ghana

Applicants should provide the following documents and information during the application process:

  • Application Letter
  • Copy of Admission Letter
  • Fee Schedule
  • Copy of Curriculum Vitae
  • Copy of 1st degree certificate
  • Copy of the previous Transcript
  • Copy of National Service Certificate

So, what will be your benefits if you win the Chevening Scholarship?


Benefits Under The Getfund Scholarship Scheme

As part of the benefits of the scheme, students will enjoy the following:

The GETFUND scholarship might also be created to cover;

  • tuition costs
  • Expense onboarding
  • Food
  • Allowances
  • Visa

Now, find out how to apply for the Getfund Scholarship Scheme in Ghana.


How To Apply For The Getfund Scholarship

You must follow these steps to apply for the Getfund Scholarship

  • Visit the Getfund Scholarship application for Undergraduates to sign up.
  • Login to the portal with your details.
  • After logging in fill out the Getfund application form.
  • Then submit it


Application Deadline For The Getfund Scholarship Ghana

The deadline for applications is the End of May.


How To Contact The Getfund Scholarship Office

Students can contact the Getfund Scholarship through the following avenues:



The Administrator


Box MB, 254



Phone Number:

Tel +233 30 277 6595


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