Find The Legon Bookshop, How To Locate The University Of Ghana Bookshop

find the legon bookshop

Many people, especially students, wonder how to find the Legon bookshop on the University of Ghana campus.

The Legon bookshop serves more than just students and staff at the University of Ghana. Indeed, it serves the entire people of Accra and Ghana by extension.

University of Ghana students are not the only ones who patronize the bookshop. However, the bookshop has many books relevant to students from KG to PhD level.

For this reason, everyone should find the Legon bookshop or be familiar with the location of the University of Ghana bookshop.

Now, look at how you can locate the University of Ghana bookshop.


How To Locate the University Of Ghana Bookshop

You can use any of the following means to find the Legon bookshop:


1. Online Search:

Use an online search engine like Google and type in “University of Ghana bookshop location” or “UG bookshop address.” 

By so doing, it might provide the most up-to-date information about the bookshop’s location.


2. University Website:

Visit the official website of the University of Ghana. 

Navigate to the relevant department or section related to campus services, bookstores, or student resources. 

Often, universities provide information about on-campus facilities, including bookstores, on their websites.


3. Campus Maps:

Many universities have online campus maps available on their websites.

These maps can help you identify the exact location of the bookshop within the university campus. 

Kindly look for any markers or labels related to the bookstore.


5. Contact Information:

Find contact details for the University of Ghana, such as phone numbers or email addresses.

You may contact the university’s administration or relevant department and ask for information about the bookshop’s location.


6. Ask Locals or Students: 

If you’re on the University of Ghana campus, you can ask local students or faculty members for directions to the bookshop. 

They can provide you with clear and accurate information.


7. Social Media:

Check the University of Ghana’s official social media profiles. 

They might share information about various campus facilities, including the bookshop.


8. Mobile Apps:

Some universities have mobile apps that provide campus navigation, facility information, and more. 

If the University of Ghana has such an app, it could help you find the bookshop’s location.


9. Physical Signage:

Once you are on the university campus, watch for signs or directional boards pointing to various campus buildings, including the bookshop.


10. Use Google Maps Location Finder

Google Maps nowadays provides precise directions to any location you want.

Thus, you can use Google Map App from Google Playstore to quickly locate the University of Ghana Bookshop.

In light of this, Educareguide has managed to get the direct Google Map link to the Legon bookshop.

Now click here to navigate to the Legon bookshop using the Goole Map link.


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