Australian Scholarship In Ghana, Apply Now And Receive Financial Assistance As A Ghanaian Student

australian scholarship in ghana

This guide educates you on all the information you need about the Australian Scholarship in Ghana.

Also, the guide explores other details such as:

  • Who qualifies to apply for the Australian Scholarship Ghana;
  • How To Apply for the Australian Scholarship Ghana;
  • The Application Deadline and
  • How to contact the Australian Scholarship Ghana Office.

First, let’s look at what the Australian Scholarship in Ghana is about.


What Is the Australian Scholarship Ghana?

Australian Scholarship Ghana 2023-2024 is a fully funded scholarship for Ghanaian students.

Australia Awards scholarships are prestigious international awards the Australian Government offers to the next generation of leaders.

Beneficiaries must have a vision to contribute to their country’s sustainable development.

Notably, through study and research, recipients develop the skills and knowledge to drive meaningful change and help build people-to-people relationships with Australia.

Now, let’s know who qualifies to apply for the Australian Scholarship in Ghana.


Who Qualifies For The Australian Scholarship Ghana 

Remember that you must meet the following Eligibility Criteria to qualify for the Australian Scholarship Ghana :


1. Students in the Bachelor’s Program:
  • The Bachelor’s program candidates must be 18 years old at the beginning of the course.


2. Graduates applying for the Master’s Program: 
  • All Applicants to the Master’s program must be 45 years old when they apply.


3. Eligible Countries:

Candidates must be citizens from one of the key countries on the eligibility list for the Australian Awards Scholarship.

Please visit the Australia Awards’ official website to find the list.


4. Nationality:
  • Do not have to have been an Australian resident or an Australian national


5. Qualification For Degree Programs:
  • Applicants must possess at least 12 years of education before applying.


6. Masters Degree Qualification:
  • Applicants must possess at least a minimum of 16 years of previous schooling when applying.


7. Ph.D. Degree or Doctorate Qualification:
  • For Ph.D. Program applicants need to have at least 17 years of reasonable training before the date of application.


 8. A Level Applicants:
  • These set of applicants are those applying for a scholarship within the course of study at a level.
  • Usually, such academic achievements are lower than what they have achieved and are not considered.


9. Prerequisite Certificates
  • Students who wish to apply must present an IELTS band score.
  • Furthermore, their score should be 6.5 or more or a comparable TOEFL score. Otherwise, they must pass the PCE test.


10. Marital Status:
  • Interested applicants should not be engaged and or married to any Australian citizen or permanent resident during the application process.


11. Profession:
  • The applicants must not be currently military.

Now, let’s look at the courses or programs you must study to be eligible for the Australian Scholarship.


Eligible University Courses And Programmes

Must Possess a Bachelor’s Degree (Undergraduate level of education)

Now, let’s look at the requirements to be eligible for the Australian Scholarship.


The requirement to be eligible for Australian Scholarship Ghana

  • First, you must be at least 18 years of age by 1 February of the year of commencing the Scholarship;
  • Second, you must be a citizen of an eligible country listed on the Australia Awards website.
  • Also, you must reside in and apply for the Scholarship from your country of citizenship;

So, what will be your benefits if you win the Australian Scholarship?


Benefits Under The Australian Scholarship Scheme

As part of the benefits of the scheme, students will enjoy the following:

  1. flight return and Australia travel
  2. cost of living and housing
  3. Special assistance is available to people who have disabilities
  4. Training costs
  5. Allowance for establishment (one time)
  6. program overhead fees.
  7. The tuition is fully inclusive.
  8. Return flights from and to Australia
  9. Fellowship holders only)
  10. For textbooks
  11. No-cost Introductory Academic Program (IAP)
  12. Fully paid Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)
  13. Residences
  14. Study material
  15. Next, Medical insurance when you are traveling to Australia (for 
  16. Completely covered Pre-Course English Exam (PCE)
  17. Academic support for academics
  18. Next, Housing subsidy via Contribution for the Living Expenses (CLE)
  19. Fully funded fieldwork expenses for fieldwork (only for Masters as well as Ph.D. students)

Now, how do I apply for the Australian Scholarship?


How To Apply for the Australian Scholarship 

You must follow these steps to apply for the Australian Scholarship:

  • First, you should verify your country’s date deadline:
  • It is the first to determine the deadline for the Australia Awards Scholarship application son in your home country.
  • When applying online, you’ll have to follow these steps before submitting an online application.
  • Remember to register your account at the Australian Awards Scholarship Application Portal online. 
  • Next, verify the method of submission that applies to your particular country. For example, either online or via mail.
  • Remember to key in your details on the Australian Scholarship form. Note that students who must complete their application online have to sign up with The Online Australia Scholarships Information System.
  • After that, they will ask you to submit your documentation for consideration by the Australian Awards Scholarship. 
  • Australian Awards Scholarship on the portal. After that, the application will be approved.
  • Finally, you have to review your Australia Scholarship application and submit it online.


Application Deadline For The Australian Scholarship Ghana

The deadline for applications is 1 May every year at 11:59 pm AEST.


How To Contact The Australian Scholarship Office

Students can contact the Australian Scholarship through the following avenues:




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