Which University Accept D7 And E8 In Ghana, Details Of NCTE Policy On D7,E8, F9

which university accept D7

So which university accept D7, And E8 In Ghana? In this regard, We will explain every detail about the National Council for Tertiary Education policy on D7, E8 and F9.

So, which university accepts D7 And E8 In Ghana? 

Educareguide will explain every detail of the National Council for Tertiary Education policy on D7, E8, and F9.

Therefore, you will get every answer you seek concerning Ghana’s grade policy. Thus, by reading this guide, you will know the schools in Ghana that accept D7 and those that do not.

First, you must realize that every university has its unique academic entry requirement for admission.

Nevertheless, the National Council for Tertiary Education – NCTE restricts all universities in Ghana as to which grades they can accept. 

Now, what does this restriction say, and how does it apply to universities in Ghana


The National Council For Tertiary Education Policy of D7 and E8

As a matter of fact, according to the policy guidelines of the NCTE, universities in Ghana should not accept D7 and E8 for admission. According to WAEC Result Interpretation, D7 is a pass. 

Therefore, this means that even if you get an A1 in all seven subjects and a D7 in one subject, you cannot still secure admission to any university in Ghana.

For this reason, it does not matter whether the university is a public university or a private university in Ghana.


Which Universities In Ghana Accept D7 And E8

Indeed, some universities in Ghana accept D7 as an admission requirement.

For this reason, the policy regarding technical universities in the country is slightly altered.

Thus, technical universities, such as TTU, accept D7 as an entry requirement.

However, I must emphasize that technical universities do not accept E8 as an entry requirement for admission.

Here, you have your answer regarding the question of – which university accepts D7 and E8 In Ghana.

Now, you will find answers to other questions on D7 in the FAQs below.


Frequently Asked Questions On D7 – D7 FAQs

If you have D7 in your Wassce exam result, then you will be interested in response to the following questions:


Is D7 Accepted In College Of Education

Do colleges of Education accept D7 as the requirement for admission for SHS students? 

In other words, Is D7 accepted for College of Education 2021 2022 admission?

In other words, Is D7 accepted in teacher training colleges in Ghana?

Earlier, I indicated above that universities in Ghana do not accept D7 for admission.

However, colleges of Education accept D7 as an admission requirement from applicants.

Therefore, you can apply to any college of Education if there is a D7 among the grades you obtained in Wassce.


Is D7 A Pass Mark?

Yes, D7 is a pass mark, and this is because even E8 is a pass mark in Wassce.

Therefore, the only failing grade in the Wassce examination result is F9. 

Unfortunately, there is a lack of space in certain tertiary institutions in Ghana, making them unable to admit students with D7 and E8.

Other than that, these pass marks in every specific term.


Can The University Accept D7 In English?

Yes, specific categories of universities accept D7 in the English language. Why am I saying so?

Indeed, regular universities do not accept D7 as an entry requirement for admission of applicants. Examples of traditional universities include the University of Ghana (UG), University of Cape Coast (UCC), Valley View University (VVU), Central University College, etc.

However, technical universities accept D7 for admission to read degree programmes. 

Remember, technical universities include the likes of Accra, Technical University (ATU); Takoradi Technical University (ATU), etc.

Now, which university accept d7 and e8 in Ghana?

From the above, you are particular about the category of universities that accept D7 and those that do not accept. 

However, Educareguide states in no uncertain terms that no university in Ghana accepts E8 for admission into the regular programme.


Can I Get Admission With D7 In Literature?

Indeed, it depends on the tertiary institution that you apply to.

For instance, if you apply for admission to a technical university or college of Education, you stand a chance of gaining admission. Even with that, it depends on the competitive nature of the course you apply for.

However, you won’t be able to secure admission to a regular university with a D7 in literature. Kindly refer to the above information to understand what is a regular university and what is a technical university.


What Is The Meaning Of D7 In Waec Result?

Specifically, refer here to find the answer to this question.


Do Ghana Police Take D7?

If you are applying for recruitment into the Ghana police service, they must be precisely interested in this question.

The Ghana Police Service does their recruitment requirement for SHS graduates occasionally.

You qualify for recruitment into the Ghana Police Service if you have a D7 in your Wassce result.


Is E8 Accepted In Nursing Training?

Accredited nursing institutions in Ghana have their minimum admission requirements.

Furthermore, these requirements depend on the category of nursing school under consideration. For this reason, some nurses accept E8 for admission, while others do not.

In addition to that, there are even some nursing educational institutions in Ghana that do not accept D7 as an entry requirement. 

For example, the University of Ghana, UCC, and KNUST do not accept D7 for their nursing programs.


Can I Gain Admission With D7 In Mathematics?

Find the answer to this question here.


Is D7 A Good Grade?

Honestly, it depends on what you classify as a good grade. 

In as much as D7 will be enough for someone to get admission to polytechnics or a College of Education, there may need to be more for another person to secure admission in the regular university.

Thus, if you are still at SHS, I will admonish you to work hard and aim for the best grade in all your subjects.

Indeed, that will secure you better and offer you chances to get admission to read several programs at the university of your choice.


Which University Accepts D7 In English Language In Ghana?

As indicated above, only technical universities accept D7 from applicants for admission.

However, regular universities do not accept D7. Thus, check out the list of institutions that accept D7 from here. Likewise, you will find Schools that accept D7 in mathematics in Ghana in that list.


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          Mathematics E8
          Integrated science C5
          Government B2
          French C4
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        1. Please I had maths D7, English e8, science C5, social C6, geography B3, economics C4, Elective maths C4, economics C4, government D7 . Please can I get admission to any of the universities, or technical university and colleges and what course can it fit my grades please

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        1. Please I had c6 in English, e8 in maths, c6 in social, b3 in CRS, c4 in government, c6 in Ga, please can I go to any college

          1. Yes, you qualify to enrol in private professional studies college. Examples are:
            Cambridge International College;
            Institute of Commercial Management (ICM)
            IPED, etc.
            Call this number for more assistance:
            +233 24 970 2055

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  9. Sathiy Salacy Adzo

    I had English D7
    Science D7
    Social. E8
    Maths F9
    Woodwork C6
    Technical Drawing D7
    Physics F9
    Buildings and construction F9

    1. You can get admission to read IT on a distance learning basis. In that regard, you will write an entrance exam to gain admission. However, realize that you will not be able to get any employment in the public sector with that certificate. This is because every government institution will still demand your Wassce results before employing you.

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    E8, mathematics
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    Please can I get admission into teacher training college with this results
    Mathematics c6
    Social studies b3 science c6 government d7
    Geography b3
    Science c6
    French d7
    English language c5
    Economics c4

  18. Asare Clinton yirenkyi

    I got English d7, and maths c4, social studies c6, science c6, business management B3, financial accountingB3, costing A1, and economicsC5 can I get admission to nursing, technical University and teacher training.

    1. Business students have a very slim chance of admission to nursing and teacher training colleges. However, you can easily get admission to any technical university to read a business program.

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    elective math e8
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    social e8
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    chemistry e8
    elective math e8
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    Thank u

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    English B3
    Social b2
    Science c4
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    Literature d7
    Crs E8
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    science 6
    english 5
    social 5
    literature 6
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    history 9

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    Social: C6
    Food&nutrition: B3
    GKA: B3
    Management in living:D7
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  27. Faustina Mensah

    Pls sir I got D7 in English, social b3 science c4 ,Mathsc5 , Biology c6 ,GKA C5 ,Foodb2 ,, Management b3 can I get admission to teacher trainin in wassce. Or Nursing

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