Do Polytechnics Accept D7 In Ghana, Do I Qualify For Admission Into A Technical University In Ghana With D7

do polytechnics accept d7 in ghana

Do Polytechnics accept D7 in Ghana – All the information you need on this question.

Certainly, Educareguide answers all the debate and confusion surrounding D7 as an entry requirement into polytechnics in Ghana.

So is D7 accepted in Technical Universities to admit students to polytechnics? First, you must realize that every university has its unique academic entry requirement for admission.

For this reason, Technical Universities are no exception. If that is the case, what minimum grade should you obtain in WASSCE to gain admission into Technical Universities in Ghana?

Indeed, you will find the answer below.


Do Technical Universities Accept D7 In Wassce

Indeed, the National Council For Tertiary Education Permits Technical Universities to accept and admit students with D7 in the Wassce examination.

Thus, applicants who have completed Senior High School qualify for admission into any Polytechnic institution.

According to WAEC Result Interpretation, D7 is just a pass. For this reason, Technical Universities accept D7 for their admission requirement.

Factually, the entry requirements that the NCTE imposes on technical universities in Ghana are different from those of regular universities. In this regard, when I mention standard universities, I am referring to the likes below:

  • University of Ghana – UG
  • University of Cape Coast – UCC
  • Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology or KNUST
  • Central University College
  • Valley View University – VVU, etc

Notably, bear in mind that the list includes both public universities in Ghana and private universities in Ghana.


What Is The Minimum Requirement For Polytechnic?

Let’s answer the question: does Technical Universities accept E8 and F9? Unlike the issue of D7, Technical Universities in Ghana do not accept E8 and F9 for admission by WASSCE applicants. 

The final grade that Technical Universities accept for admission is D7. For this reason, even if you get an A1 in all other seven subjects and get either E8 or F9 in only one subject, you cannot still gain admission to Technical Universities. Sincerely, it is as straightforward as that.

Honestly, bear in mind that the National Council For Tertiary Education – NCTE – has imposed these policies on the technical universities in the country.

Undoubtedly, this is to ensure standardization and fairness in admission. To get answers to all your concerns, do polytechnics accept D7 in Ghana? Check out the related articles below.


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53 thoughts on “Do Polytechnics Accept D7 In Ghana, Do I Qualify For Admission Into A Technical University In Ghana With D7”

  1. Please I had
    Science C6
    English C6
    Social B3
    Maths D7
    Gka A1
    Ceramic B3
    Graphic B3
    Emaths E8
    Will I gain admissions in any technical university please answer me now

        1. You still need to get at least C6 in all your subjects though the university will use your best 3 core and 3 elective to calculate your aggregate. In any case, polytechnics accept D7.

  2. Ebenezer nsoh atanga

    Pls l got C6 in social studies, English language C6, core mathematics C6, integrated science D7 , elective mathematics C4, building construction A1 , physics c5 and building drawing C6 pls can l get an admission into University or technical University

  3. Please I Got C4 In English, Social B3, Maths D7, Science C6, Government B3, CRS C6, and Fantse C6. Can gain admission into any Technical University Or College Of Education??

  4. please i got c4 in english, maths d7, social studies b3, science c6, Crs c6, fantse c6, government b3. Can i gain admission into any technical university or college of education??

  5. Dorcas vigbedor

    Pls I need admission, I had E8 math, science and social, C5 in English, C6 in management and COD, D7 in Typing and F9 in Economics

    1. You still need to get at least C6 in all your subjects though the university will use your best 3 core and 3 elective to calculate your aggregate. Thanks a lot for visiting our page.

  6. I got C6 in social studies,C5 in English,C5 in mathematics,D7 in Science,B3 in Business management,C6 in Financial Accounting,D7 in Cost Accounting and E8 in Economics…… Will I gain admission in the technical universities?

  7. Tetteh Adaban Blessed

    Animal science_C5, please can I get admission into KTU with this grade

    1. Akosah Maxwell

      Please am Akosah Maxwell I had C6 Social,C6in maths,C6in science ,D7in English elective B3in economic,B3in,Geography,C4 in french ,D7in CRS can I gain addimission in tertairy

  8. please am Dav , i got
    science b3
    social studies b2
    maths b2
    english c5
    chemistry d7
    physics e8
    biology b2
    elective maths b2
    can i get admission please

  9. I’m Sam I had
    social c4
    English c6
    Mathematics b3
    Science d7
    Economics b3
    Geography c6
    Government b2
    Mathematics elective f9
    Can I get admission into any university to do General arts course and any teacher training college please

  10. English- C6
    Science- c5
    Mathematics- D7
    Biology- C6
    Economics- C6
    Food and nutrition- c4
    Social- B3
    Mgt in liv- C5.
    Can I get admittion to study dispensing at Wa poly?

  11. Social studies- B3
    English- C6
    Science -C5
    History- B3
    Please can i get admission in any Technical University appling for Fashion and designing?

  12. Science C6
    English C6
    Social Studies B3
    Maths D7
    Twi B2
    Music A1
    CRS A1
    History C6

    Please ,can I get an admission to any technical university??

  13. qwophifletcher

    Please I had
    Core math-D7
    Please can I get admission into any technical university

  14. Abdul Razak Apam

    Can I get admission with
    English D7
    MATHS B3
    E-MATHS B2
    ICT B3

  15. I also got
    social studies C6
    English C6
    Maths(core) D7
    Integrated science C4
    Maths (elect) E8
    Biology D7
    Chemistry C5
    Physics D7

  16. Please I passed all my electives
    But I had E8 in english
    F9 in core mathematics
    Is there any university for people like me

    1. No university admits applicants with E8 and F9 in Ghana. You need to resit those subjects. Otherwise you can apply for admission to professional institutions such as IPED.

  17. please i had wassce results with a minimum of D7
    which is,
    maths, science and mgt in living.
    can i admited to any technical universities in ghana?

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