Benefits for wide Organisational Structure and Wide span of control - WASSCE question

Benefits for wide Organisational Structure and Wide span of control – WASSCE question

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Benefits of Wide Organisational Structure and Wide span of control – WASSCE question, is what we are considering in this article.


Benefits for wide Organisational Structure and Wide span of control - WASSCE question


Organizational Structure and Span of control are key management concepts that you must know for the purposes of planning and controlling.

In addition to that, they are quite tricky concepts for many people to understand, especially students writing WASSCE.

What then is an organizational structure? Indeed, an organizational structure is the framework within which an organization is designed, duties specified and resources allocated with the aim of achieving organizational goals.

Also, span of control refers to the number of people who directly report to a superior or a manager at a specific point in time in an origination.

Therefore, if there are ten subordinates who are directly under you, then your span of control is ten.

Furthermore, WAEC normally asks questions on this sub-topic regularly in the Business Management WASSCE examination.

Therefore, educareguide is here to assist you in to fully understand this topic very well.

Also, you should note that the sub-topic is an integral part of the Business Management for Senior High School Students across the West African sub-region.

In detail, these countries include Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone, The Gambia, and Liberia. Now let’s look at the Elements of a Valid Contract below.

Now let’s look at the specific question under consideration, that is:


State three ways in which the company could benefit from adopting the wide organizational structure with a wide span of control.

Suggested Answer:

  • It encourages delegation among the managers involved.

  • It has fewer communication and coordination problems. Since there are fewer levels, accurate information gets to the intended people at the right time.

  • It motivates rank-and-file employees to take greater responsibility for their own output.

  • It leads to a faster flow of authority from the top to the bottom because few senior-level managers are involved in the process.  [/expand]


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