The Trade Unions Congress Ghana – Find Out The Roles That The Workers Unions In Ghana Play To Develop Ghana’s Economy

Trade Unions Congress Ghana

The Trade Unions Congress in Ghana -What are Its functions? Educareguide has compiled this brief summary for you.

First of all, let’s look at a brief background information.


The Nature Of The Trade Unions Congress In Ghana

The processes leading to the formation of the Ghana’s TUC commenced in the 1920s. A this time Ghana was still the British Colony of the Gold Coast.

By 1941, the Ghana Trade Unions Congress was inaugurated to officially carry out its functions. The Trades Unions Congress is an amalgamation of several Labour Unions in Ghana.

Some of them includes The Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT), Ghana Medical Association (GMA), etc. Ghana TUC is part of the International Labour Organisation. (ILO).

Check out the official website of the Trade Unions Congress in Ghana. For details of the history of the Trade Unions Congress of Ghana, click here to find out.

For the purposes of this post, we will concentrate on the functions of the trade unions congress in Ghana. The functions of the trade Unions Congress of Ghana could be found below.


Detailed Function Of Trade Unions Congress in Ghana

Below is the outline of the Role of the Ghana Trade Unions Congress (TUC)

Job Security

Membership of a union provides an employee with a measure of protection.

Members are protected against exploitation, unfair and arbitrary treatment, harassment, and un lair dismissals and so, it ensures the security of members.


Enforcing minimum wages and salaries

The TUC ensures that employers pay their employees the minimum legislated wages or salaries.

Unions also ensure that employers obtain and maintain just, proper and equitable rate of wages, hours of work and other conditions of labour.


Satisfaction of Employees’ needs

TUC also ensures that employers satisfy the needs of employees. For example employees should be remunerated according to their qualification and output at work.


Improvement of working conditions

Unions ensure that employers conform to the factory, office and shop- act of 1970 which compels employers by law to be responsible for making certain provisions for safety, health and welfare of employees at their work place.


Settle Disputes

Unions regulate relations and settle disputes between their members and their employers. Unions also provide assistance in times of sickness or other personal distress.

They also provide educational opportunities at union sponsored schools



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