The Meaning Of Law Of Contract- Business Management

The meaning of Law of Contract

The meaning of Law of Contract is a very important topic in business management.

Today, Educareguide is going to briefly explore this concept and many other sub-topics under it subsequently.

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  • Institute of Commercial Management (ICM) – Business Administration
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What Is Law?

The answer is a straightforward one.

I can define law as the rules and regulations that govern the behaviour of a group of people in a specific area.

It means that we make laws for human beings, not inanimate objects.

Secondly, we should enforce laws for the people it was made.

Lastly, laws are territorial in nature, i.e. they apply only in a specific geographical area.

This means that, when a person moves to another geographical area, the laws of his/her previous place may not apply in the new place.


What is a contract.

A contract, in simple terms, refers to a legally binding agreement. There are three keywords here that Educareguide wants to explain.

The key word is “LEGALLY”. This means that the purpose of the contract must be that which is endorsed by the laws of the place/country. An agreement to commit an illegal act cannot be considered as a contract.

The next keyword is “AGREEMENT”.

In this regard, the parties to a contract must all have the same understanding of the act to be performed. There must therefore be a consensus ad idem (,i.e. the meeting of the minds)

The Last key word here is “BINDING”. For an agreement to be binding, it means that the contract should be made in such a way that the parties involved can enforce it in a court of law.

This means that, the parties involved in the contract must know and understand that their actions can have legal consequencesthe  in future.


What is Law of Contract?

Law of Contract is a body of rules and regulations (,i.e., Laws) that govern the contractual agreement.

Every field of life requires laws to govern the behaviour of the persons that operate there, and contracts are no exception.


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