UCC Admission Requirements 2021/2022 – University Of Cape Coast Entry Requirement – Aggregate

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Educareguide considers it important to brief prospective students of University Of Cape Coast on  the UCC Admission Requirements for the 2021/2022 academic year.


UCC Admission Requirements


As a matter of fact, University of Cape Coast reviews and updates its entry requirement for various programs from time to time. For this reason, Educareguide helps you to stay up to date the latest admission requirements of UCC.

Indeed, when University of Cape Coast comes to mind, then we are talking about an institution that is highly reputable in Ghana and and all over Africa.

As a result, I’m not surprise at all that your are considering enrolling at UCC as you learn about UCC admission requirement for all the the courses offered to undergraduate applicants.

As a matter of fact, our website also has the full list of courses offered at UCC and their cut off points, you will realize that, you have many options of courses to choose from at UCC.

Meanwhile, remember that, we don’t only provide information on the grades you should get in specific subjects to gain admission to UCC.

However, we also guide you on the complete steps to follow to enroll at UCC. Thus you can check out other educative guides on UCC admissions on our website. Surely, some of the guides have provided below.

Now, Let’s find out about UCC admission requirements 2021 right below.


University Of Cape Coast Admission Requirements:

As a matter of fact, every UCC program has specific subject you must pass in wassce to get admission. Not only wassce, but there are other relevant qualifications you can use to get admission to UCC.

Remember that, not only must you pass, but you should also have quality grades in those subjects in order to secure admission at UCC.

For this reason Educareguide compiles and updates all the courses offered at UCC and their minimum admission requirements for you.

Now relax, because university 0f Cape Coast is one of the few universities in Africa that modernizes its course structure to conform with the modern needs of our current world.

Now if your question is – what grades must I get to gain admission into UCC, then you answer is right here.

First of all, let’s look at the issue of D7.  Truly, does the University Of Cape Coast accept D7? Surely, the answer to this question is right below.


Is D7 Accepted By UCC – University Of Cape Coast?

First of all, WAEC is the official examining body in West Africa. Indeed, WAEC administer the wassce exam in Ghana.

In addition to that, waec give Senior High School graduates result and certificate that they can gain admission to universities, schools and colleges.

After that, the students apply to enter into any university of their choice, of which UCC is no exception.

According to WAEC Result Interpretation, D7 is just a pass. Moreover, the University Of Cape Coast does not accept D7 for its admission requirement into undergraduate programs in Ghana.

However, very interesting, click HERE to find out universities in Ghana which accept D7 for admission.

In fact, the minimum grade you must get to gain admission at University Of Cape Coast is C6. This is because, C6 is a credit, whiles D7 is just a pass.

As can be seen, it is very clear that, the University Of Cape Coast -UCC, does not accept D7, E8 and F9.  Furthermore, let’s look into detail, the grades you must obtain for UCC to offer you admission into Cape Vars.

Find more information on UCC enrollment and entry qualification undergraduate applicants below.

Now, for the purposes of education, who is an undergraduate applicant?

Indeed, an undergraduate applicant is person who is applying to read a first degree program at the university. Actually, it also captures those who apply to read certificate and diploma courses at the university.

Now, check out the general entry grades to get admission at UCC right below.


UCC Courses And Requirements For Wassce Applicants

Now, what grades must you get to qualify for University Of Cape Coast admission. In fact, I must say that, the requirements you will find here is UCC Admission Requirements for the 2021/2022 academic year updated.

Nevertheless, it will not differ so much from the requirements in other universities in Ghana for similar courses. Now, let’s look at the admission requirements.

In fact, officially, an applicant must obtain form A1 – C6 in WASSCE or A – D in SSSCE in all the subjects written in order to get admission into UCC.

Nevertheless, competition for spaces in various programs of study may let the university modify these requirement a little. For that reason, ucc may not accept grades like C4, C5 and C6 for certain highly competitive programs.

Surprisingly, there are programs which the university does not sometimes accept even B2 and B3 for admission. Thus some colleges and faculties at University of Cape Coast accept only A1 for entry to read certain programs.

That is why I always entreat my readers to work hard to obtain the best grade as possible in WASSCE examination. Now, let’s take a look at the core subjects you should pass to gain admission at ucc first.


University Of Cape Coast Courses And Requirements – Core Subjects

Before you can gain admission UCC, you must obtain quality grade the followings SHS subjects:

English                                  A1-C6

Core Mathematics                      A1-C6

Integrated Science                      A1-C6

Social Studies                           A1-C6


Elective Subject Grades You Should Get For UCC Admission

In Addition to the above four core subjects, you must make between grade A1 to C6 in all your elective subject to qualify.

Henceforth, you should get at least C6 in all elective subjects. Also, you must realize that the maximum number of aggregate  to  obtain to qualify for admission is aggregate 24 (sometimes there are considerations).

Surely, WAEC computes your aggregate by taking your best 3 core subjects and your best three electives subjects. Thereupon, the sum of the grades in these best six subjects is used to calculate your aggregate.


Requirements For Specific Years UCC

It is important to know that, it the National Council for Tertiary Education that has set the maximum aggregate to 24.

Nevertheless, every University reserves the right to set specific entry requirements from year to year.

That is why the university set cut off points for all her programs every year.

Notably, the specific requirements set is dependent on the performance of applicants and the capacity of the university in that specific year.

For example, university can set the maximum aggregate of 10 for Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) in a particular year.

Now, what is the cut off point for UCC? Check out the full list of Programs/Courses and their cut off points from HERE.


UCC Requirements – HND, ABCE, GBCE, GCE, etc.

  • General Business Certificate Exams – GBCE
  • General Certificate of Education (GCE) Advanced Level
  • Higher National Diploma – HND
  • Advanced Business Certificate Examination  – ABCE
  • Mature Candidates
  • Professional Certificate Holders
  • Foreign Qualification


Frequently Asked Questions On UCC Admissions

Now, find answers to very important question about UCC admissions by clicking on the links right below:

From the guide above, I want to believe that, all information about UCC Admission Requirements 2021/2022 is provided for you.


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64 thoughts on “UCC Admission Requirements 2021/2022 – University Of Cape Coast Entry Requirement – Aggregate”

  1. Please can i get an admission for Accounting and Finance with this grade
    Core maths B2, Social C6, English D7, Science E8, Accounting B3, Costing C6, BM C6, E maths E8 at UCC

      1. I had A1 in English ,B2 in core maths also B3 in inter science ,B2 in elective maths ,B3 in physics and B3 in biology but E8 in chemistry can I be admitted to ucc to study medical laboratory technology

  2. Please can I get admission for laboratory technology with this grades;science D7,social C4,english B3,core maths A1,elective maths B2,physics C6,chemistry D7,biology C5

    1. Unfortunately, you cannot get admission with D7 in any of your subjects. The reason is that, the National Council for Tertiary Education -NCTE forbids universities in Ghana to admit students with grade D7. Checkout this article:


      Thanks a lot for visiting Educareguide. Subscribe for notifications by clicking on the button at the to of our site to receive updates on all educational issues regularly.

  3. I had;
    Eng- C6
    Math- B3
    Soc- B3
    Economics- B3
    Geog- B3
    Government- B3
    E-math- C6
    I had no D7 so can I get admission to b.ed social science??

      1. Please, even though I’ve exceeded the cut off, what’s the probability that I’ll get get the course?

    1. Pls, can I get admission to read nursing at ucc with the ff grades

      Soc studies A1
      C/math C5
      English B3
      Science B2
      Geography A1
      Econs B2
      Government A1
      E-maths B3

  4. Churchesmaynia

    Please I had all pass for social maths and English but had D7 in science can I get admission to read any educational course

      1. Aduhene George

        I had Eng C6, core math B2, science C4 , social studies B3, Elective maths A1, government C6, Geography B3 and Economics C4 , can I offer B.s.c mathematics with Economics

  5. Emmanuel Fiankoh

    Am HND Accountancy holder,can I get admission to read Bed accounting. Class obtain Second class lower.

    1. You can’t get admission for a regular programme. However, you can get admission to read programs in the Distance Education Category. Thanks for visiting our site. Remember that all your educational questions are answered on Educareguide. So why won’t you bookmark out website and subscribe for notification. In that case you will stay up to date with latest news and update on educational matters. Thanks.

  6. Musah Muhammad

    Please I had maths -B3 Engl-B3 Soc-B3 Seci-B3 Eco-B3 Geo-B2 Gov-B2 and Hist-C5 can I get an admission to read architecture at UCC

  7. Please can I get admission to offer mathematics with business with these grades?
    Maths. A1
    Social. B3
    Science. D7
    English. C6
    E maths. A1
    Economics. B3
    Business management. B3
    Accounting. C4

      1. Please can’t the Social studies be used in place of the Science? Because you said to gain admission you must obtain at least grade C6 in three core subjects and grade C6 in three elective subjects .

  8. I had the ff Eng C6, soc C6, Maths A1, Sci D7, Eco C4, Crs A1, Two A1 and Gov F9. can gain admission to offer Ghanaian Language/Religion?

  9. Abubakar Ismaila

    I had the ff,math C6,social C4,english D7,science D7,econs B3,govt B3,literature E8 will i get admission

  10. I had b3 in inter science,e maths,c maths,soc stud,and physics…had c5 in eng and ict…and had c4 in chemistry…do I qualify for computer science at ucc

  11. Please I had Social:A1,English:C6,Core maths:C4,Government:B3,Economics:C5,Geography:D7..can I gain admission

  12. Please i have a first degree in business administration and i want to read the LLB at UCC. What is the course duration and do you have arrangement for weekend classes. How much is the cost per year.


        i had the following grades:
        maths c6, english c5, social b3, economics c6, graphics b2, and GKA. b3, but i had d7 in science can social replaces the science and which course can i offer in your noble institution.

  13. Pls, can I gain admission to read nursing at Ucc with the ff grades

    Soc studies A1
    English B3
    Core/Maths C5
    Science B2
    Geography A1
    Econs B2
    Government A1
    E-maths B3

  14. Please can I offer commerce with the following:
    Math A1
    Sci B2
    Social A1
    Eng C5
    Jewelry B2
    Economics B2

    1. Yes, you can. However, you will really struggle to catch up with the business concepts. You will really have to work extra hard on your own. That’s the problem that comes with changing your program at the university level.

  15. Mohammed sudais

    Please I will gain my HND in coputerize accounting this year, please can I use my five semester transcript to gain admission at UCC before I add the other one semester after I have gain admission since they will Close admission before we complete, I am currently holding second class upper

  16. please I got
    can I get either social science or computer science with my grades?

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