UCC Admission Requirement GBCE Applicants – University of Cape Coast

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Educareguide considers it important to brief admission applicants of University Of Cape Coast, about the “UCC admission requirement for GBCE applicants”.


ucc admission requirement gbc


Indeed, the institution is a very reputable university in Ghana and has a very high popularity as well.

It is for this reason that many students, especially, those who have written the General Business Certificate Exams – GBCE, dream to enter into such a respected academic institution.

Let’s look at something important very briefly.


Brief Introduction:

Notably, we realize that, there is a lot of confusion and misinformation that goes round among people who have interest in UCC admission requirement.

You may ask “ What is the entry requirement of University Of Cape Coast for GBCE students.

For example, a soon to be student sent a mail to us asking “what grades must I get to gain admission to UCC – University Of Cape Coast”?

Henceforth, I thought it wise to offer the same help to the many who are the same situation with this person. Now, just relax, because all your answers are right here.


Can A GBCE Certificate Applicant Gain Admission To UCC?

Another person sent a question asking “Can a GBC certificate holder gain admission to UCC? Indeed, yes, a GBCE graduate or applicant qualifies for admission to the university of cape coast.

This is because, UCC keeps widening its scope of prospective students.

Thus GBCE graduate have a fair chance of admission to UCC. Now find the grades to obtain to secure ucc admission below.


UCC Admission Requirements GBCE Candidates

Candidates with credit passes (A-D) in six (6) subjects comprising three core subjects including English Language and Mathematics plus three (3) relevant elective subjects would be eligible for admission into level 100. 


Core Subjects Requirements – GBCE – University Of Cape Coast

Before you can gain admission UCC, you must obtain A-D in three core subjects including:

English Language                A-D

Mathematics                      A-D


Elective Subjects Requirements – GBCE – University Of Cape Coast

In Addition to the above four core subjects, General Business Certificate Examination Holders must make between grade A to D in three elective subject to qualify.

Henceforth, you should get at least D in all elective subjects. Also, you must realize that the maximum number of aggregate to  obtain to qualify for admission is aggregate 24 (sometimes there are considerations). 


Requirements For Specific Years

It is important to know that, it the National Council for Tertiary Education that has set the maximum aggregate to 24.

Nevertheless, every University reserves the right to set specific entry requirements from year to year.

Notably, the specific requirements set is dependent on the performance of applicants and the capacity of the university in that specific year.

For example, university can set the maximum aggregate of 10 for Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) in a particular year.

Also, looking at admission requirement for GBC student students, it is important to note that the UCC reserves more space for WASSCE applicants than GBC applicants.

Therefore, GBCE candidates must work hard for the university to offer them admission.

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