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legon grading system

Indeed, it is essential for freshers, continuing, and prospective students to know the Legon grading system at the University of Ghana. 

Hence, it helps you set your targets for the examination you are about to write for continuing students.

Also, for freshers and prospective students, it helps you to realize the task ahead of you.

Thus, you will adequately prepare yourself for the University of Ghana Exams ahead of you.

Therefore, here at Educareguide, we provide all the details you need about the 2023 grading system for UG and Results Interpretation.

Now, check out the University of Ghana grading system below.


UG Grading System 2023

Here is the grading system for Legon 2023 and the result interpretation.

Explicitly, we have provided Legon Grading System for the 2023 academic year in the table below:

Marks Grade In Letter Grade Point Interpretation
80-100 A 4.0 Outstanding
75-79 B+ 3.5 Very Good
70-74 B


65-67 C+ 2.5 Fairly Good
60-64 C 2.0 Average
55-59 D+ 1.5 Below Average
50-54 D 1.0 Marginal
0-49 F 0 Fail/Unsatisfactory


The University Of Ghana Grading System For Graduate Students And Undergraduate Students

In the meantime, let us look at the interpretation and analysis of the Legon grading system for graduate students and the Legon grading system for undergraduate students.

Henceforth, how will you get a grade A at Legon?

The above table means that a student must get from 80 to 100 marks at the University of Ghana to obtain a grade of A, and the grade point the University attaches to it is 4.0.

Likewise, it would help if you scored from 85 marks to 89 marks to obtain a grade of B+, as the UG grading system 2023 makes it clear. Also, the grade point attached to the grade B+ at Legon is 3.5.

Similarly, the interpretation continues in that same trend for the other grades.


CGPA In Legon And Their Classes

Factually speaking, every Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) at the University of Ghana comes with a commensurate Class.
Now check out the following legon Classes and the CGPA that make them:



First Class

3.60 – 4.00

Second Class (Upper Division)

3.00 – 5.59

Second Class (Lower Division)

2.00 – 2.99

Third Class

1.50 – 1.99


1.00 – 1.49


0.00 – 0.99


What GPA Is The First Class In Legon?

Identifying the grade point range you need for a first-class at the Legon is easier, considering the information above.

From the information and table above, you must accumulate a grade point of 3.60 to 4.00 to be awarded a first-class degree at the University of Ghana.


The University Of Ghana Resit Grade

Indeed, if you resit a University of Ghana Paper, UG uses a different method to calculate the grade point average for that course.

Therefore, if the credit for that course is 3, then UG Legon will add another 3 to make the grade point total 6 – i.e., the GPT of that course will be 3+3 = 6.

Thus, a resit paper at Legon worsens your Final Grade Point Average – i.e., FGPA, since your total credit for your courses will increase by the same number of credits attached to that Paper.

Meanwhile, it would help if you realized that the University uses your course credits as waits on your grade point totals – GPT. Please, check our site to find out more information about how to calculate Legon GPA and CGPA.


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