South African University GPA Calculation, How To Calculate GPA In South African University

south african university gpa calculation

This guide explains how to perform a South African University GPA Calculation.

In applying to Universities in the U.S.A, you will encounter the word ‘GPA’ in searching for the precise school you prefer. 

When we say GPA, what does it mean, and how can one calculate it as a South African? 

Educareguide is here to explain what you need to know about GPA as a South African.

Now, in South Africa, two systems provide marks, thus, the National Senior Certificate and Independent Examinations Board. 

Though these systems are similar, we apply them differently. 

Usually, students’ marks come with their relative grades. 

In this regard, associate these grades to these marks: (80-100 is A, 70-79 is B, 60-69 is C, 50-59 is D, 40-49 is E ,0-39 is F). 

You then sum up your marks and divide them by the number of subjects you offer.


How To Calculate Your GPA In South Africa

 Now, your cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) holds your marks for every subject at every term or semester till the end of the year.

When you can total all your marks for each term, you will find it easy to calculate your GPA.

Again, sum up all your marks and divide by the number of subjects you are offering to get your GPA.

Once you gather all your marks from all over your accomplished terms, you will have to convert them into the GPA 

Below is a GPA used by the South Africans:



80- 100%


60- 79%


50- 59%


40- 49%


0- 39%


Now let us look at an illustration. 


An Illustration On South African University GPA Calculation

Imagine you got these marks at the end of the semester or term:

English 80%, Science 74%, Maths 75%, History 66%












In this instance, you will convert your GPA using four subjects. According to the Grading System given, we know that 80% is 4.0 ,74% is 3.0, 75% is 3.0 and 53% is 2.0.

Now that we have our GPA, we add 4.0+3.0+3.0+2.0 = 12.0.

12.0 becomes our total GPA.

We then Divide 12.0 by 4


Therefore, the GPA for this specific student at this stage is 3.0


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