When Is UDS Reopening The 2023 Year, University For Development Studies Academic Calendar

when is uds reopening

Many University for Development Studies students keep asking, “When Is UDS Reopening 2023 academic year”? 

So what lead to the delay and postponement of the UDS calendar year? For this reason, Educareguide finds it the need to answer – when will UDS reopen the school for both continuing students and prospective students. Let’s find out about that below.


When Will UDS Online Registration Of Courses Start?

UDS students should start registering for their second-semester courses online from Monday, 23rd May to Sunday, 3rd July 2023.

Unlike the first semester, both first-year and Continuing students will start arriving on the same date.

Let’s find out when UDS is Reopening the 2023 academic year below.


Reopening Date For UDS

Interestingly, the University Calendar in Ghana is gradually becoming normal.

From the time of the global pandemic to now, things are taking shape for the school schedule.

In this regard, UDS will reopen the 2023 academic year second semester on Thursday, 23rd June 2023.

Find out other information about the 2021-2023 academic year below.


When Will Lectures Begin At UDS?

Notably, lectures at the University For Development studies will start on Monday, 27th June 2023.

Remember you are supposed to arrive on campus on 23rd June 2023 to finalize your second-semester course registrations.

Also, note that UDS registration begins ahead of the reopening of the semester for all students, whether First Year or Continuing.


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