When Is KNUST Reopening 2023, Kwame Nkrumah University Of Science And Technology

when is knust reopening

Unsurprisingly, many Kwame Nkrumah University Of Science And Technology students keep sending this question to us – When Is KNUST Reopening the 2023 academic year?

For this reason, Educareguide finds it needful to answer this concern for both:

  • fresh students and
  • continuing students.

Now let us find out when you are supposed to start the Knust Online Registration of Courses for the Second Semester.


When Will Knust Online Registration Of Courses Start?

Knust students should start registering for their second-semester courses online on Monday, 13th June 2023.

Meanwhile, Lectures for the second semester begin on Monday, 21st August 2023.

As usual, fresh students will report first before continuing students will report later.

Let’s find out when Knust is Reopening the 2023 academic year below.


Reopening Date For Knust

Interestingly, the University Calendar in Ghana is gradually becoming normal.

Thus, the Kwame Nkrumah University Of Science And Technology will reopen much earlier than the previous academic year.

In this regard, Knust will reopen the 2023 academic year second semester on Monday, 18th September 2023.

Thus, first-year students must report on Monday, 18th September 2023, to begin their orientation.

Later, continuing students at Knust will report on Thursday, 21st September 2023.


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1 thought on “When Is KNUST Reopening 2023, Kwame Nkrumah University Of Science And Technology”

  1. Most students doesn’t have laptop for online studies. The few who have find it difficult to access the internet for online learning. This is because the network system here in Ghana is feeble. Again, Freshers will find it difficult to get in touch with their respective lecturers for academic reasons. As a matter of fact most lectures don’t like stepping in lecture halls to even lecture how much more the online learning?

    NB: All what the management in all universities can do is to make sure students adhere to the safety measures to combat the disease outbreak.
    Online learning is superb but believe me you it will worsen the task at all cost. Most students complained for not having laptops, unable to access the internet, poor lecturing, absenteeism of lectures and so on and so forth…

    #All the departments with their respective programmes must divide students into groups which can suit a given lecture hall at a time. This is can be done by restructuring a new standard time table for all programmes.

    #Thanks for your attention…

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