Is Cambridge International College Accredited – Complete Answer To All Your Concerns About CIC

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If you are thinking of enrolling in Cambridge International College Distance Learning Program, then the question you may want to ask is “Is Cambridge International College Accredited?”. Equally, we have all the answer you are seeking below.


Is Cambridge International College Accredited


If you are thinking of enrolling in Cambridge International College Distance Learning Program, then the question you may want to ask is “Is Cambridge International College Accredited?”.

In fact, it is absolutely good to have the ambition of enrolling a reputable college.

Nevertheless, it is also completely important to find out if the college you want to enroll is accredited or not.

For this reason, Educareguide deems it necessary to explain the accreditation status of Cambridge International College for you to understand.

Now, is Cambridge International College recognized? In order to quickly answer that question, let’s consider the various reputable bodies that have endorsed, approved and certified Cambridge International College.


Cambridge International College

Truly, since its formation, Cambridge International College has developed to become a very enviable college in the provision of tertiary education across the globe.

Certainly, this is evident in the the the geographical distribution of Cambridge Students all over the world.

Also, I have seen and known many professionals who have realized their career dreams by pursuing further studies at Cambridge International College.

Now, it is very safe to enroll in Cambridge International College? Surely, you will find all the necessary information relating to Cambridge accreditation right below.


Is Cambridge International College Recognised?

As noted above, many reputable bodies accept and provide accreditation to Cambridge International College graduates worldwide.

Thus, in the list below, you will find a some of these global accreditation authorities who endorse Cambridge International College Certificates.

Now, some of these Organizations are as follows:


UKAS Has Certified Cambridge International College

Factually, Cambridge International College has accreditation from the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) the UK’s National Accreditation Body.

Truly, UKAS is the National Accreditation Board of the United Kingdom (UK).

Also, it is the body that certifies all educational institutions in the UK to operate and offer specific programs of study. Furthermore, you can find more about UKAS for further understanding.


British Assessment Bureau Has Certified Cambridge International College

Indeed, The British Assessment Bureau also endorses Cambridge International College for achieving the world recognized ISO-9001 Quality Management Systems standard.

Moreover, you can use the reference number 226302 to find details about the accreditation on the official website of the British Assessment Bureau.


ASIC Has Certified Cambridge International College

The Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges and Universities (ASIC) has accredited Cambridge International College in Great Britain.

In fact, ASIC is one of the most authoritative accrediting bodies in the world. Find out CIC’s endorsement by ASIC by typing Cambridge International College into the official portal of AISC.


Institute Of Leadership And Management (ILM CTY And GUILDS)

The Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM City & Guilds) is has approved Cambridge International College qualifications.

You can find out more about ILM for the purposes of verification. 


EALP Has Certified Cambridge International College

EALP is a worldwide educational accreditation and approval body.

In addition to the above institution, EALP has also endorsed Cambridge International College to carry on with its operations. Furthermore, you can continue to read more about EALP.


Quality Mark Status Has Certified Cambridge International College

Also, when you observe the Quality Marks Status of Cambridge International College, you will find out that, its in a very good assuring levels. This is as result of very good and standardized practice of professionalism.


Other Reputable Organizations That Have Certified CIC

The following other organizations have also approved and endorsed Cambridge International College to carry on with what it does.

  • UK Registered Learning Provider(UKRLP)
  • Ministry of External Affairs
  • The Department for International Development
  • British Institute for Learning and Development (BILD)
  • EDI Endorsement and Approval


Is Cambridge International College Fake

Henceforth, is Cambridge International College fake or real?

As can be seen from the above, Cambridge International College has earned endorsement, approval and accreditation from many reputable organizations, both in the UK and the world at large.

Thus Cambridge International College is accredited in the UK and globally. Owing to this fact, it would not be out of place at all to enroll with Cambridge International College.

Furthermore, Cambridge International College has a lot of programs and courses to suit your need.

Also, the college has a very flexible payment terms to meet the financial situation of every student across the world.

In view of all the details above, just proceed to enroll for your certificate, diploma, HND, Degree, and Masters program with Cambridge International College.


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2 thoughts on “Is Cambridge International College Accredited – Complete Answer To All Your Concerns About CIC”

  1. I was a bit uneasy when I read from a platform that Cambridge International College (CIC) is a fake institution and that awards earned from there are of no value. Considering that I already hold four awards from there.
    But thankfully having read from above I am somehow stable and I am thinking of registering for baccalaureate study programme in Business Administration specialising in management and administration.

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