Cluster Points For Medicine At KMTC, Complete Details On Kenya Medical Training College, Medicine Course

cluster points for medicine at kmtc

This guide gives you all the details you need to know about the Cluster Points For Medicine At KMTC.

Indeed, everyone interested in seeking admission to the Kenya Medical Training College can now proceed and read along to know about the medicine courses offered at KMTC and the requirement.

First, let us find out whether the Kenya Medical Training College offers Medicine as a program for Undergraduate students.

Please find all the details right below.


Does The Kenya Medical Training College Offer Medicine Courses?

Now, does KMTC offer a Medicine program to students?

Indeed, the Kenya Medical Training College offers Medicine as a program to students at the University. 

For this reason, those who passed the KCSE and other related Examinations can always apply to read these programs at the University.

Interestingly, we found out that the University runs the following degree course in MEDICINE for students.

  • Diploma in Clinical Medicine and 
  • Diploma in Surgery


Study Duration, Kenya Medical Training College Clinical Medicine

The duration for studying Clinical Medicine and Surgery at KMTC is three (3) years.

For this reason, the University adequately prepares you to acquire all the competencies you need as a medical practitioner. Also, it makes you endure the demands associated with the medical practice in a country like Kenya and the world over.


KMTC Medicine Course Entry Requirements

Importantly, you must meet the following minimum requirements to pursue the Medicine course at KMTC:

First, you must obtain a KCSE mean grade of C with C in English or Kiswahili.

Furthermore, you should have C in Biology or Biological Sciences.

Apart from that, you should possess at least a C in Chemistry or Physical Science.

  • Also, your result should include C in any one of the following: Mathematics
  • Physics or Physical Sciences


Cluster Points For Medicine At KMTC 

Meanwhile, please realize that every Kenya Medical Training College course has a cluster point; thus, the Medicine program is no exception.

In this regard, the cluster point for studying Medicine at KMTC is 41.

When you enroll in the university, you must go through all the necessary academic requirements to get a certificate in clinical medicine and surgery in KMTC.

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