Are University Forms Out For 2023, Find Out When University Forms Will  Be Out For 2023

university forms are out

Assuredly, this guide gives you all the details you need to give you an answer to the question – of when university forms are out for 2023.

Honestly, there is always anxiety concerning when universities will issue admission for the 2023 admission year for many prospective applicants.

Usually, the questions that people ask are:

  • First, are admission forms out for the 2023 academic year?
  • Secondly, how much is the application Forms of universities for the 2023 academic year in Ghana cedis?
  • Lastly, what is the closing date for submitting application forms online?

Surely, Educareguide will give you answers to all questions to the concerns above.


Are University Forms Still Available

Now, when will the admission forms be out in 2023 in Ghana.

Factually, most universities in Ghana issued their forms in April 2023. In this regard, their universities announced the deadline for buying and submitting applications for admission.

As we speak, the closing date for applying for admission into most universities in Ghana is over for the 2023 academic year.

As a result, I will advise all prospective university applicants in Ghan to wait for the new forms that the universities will issue in April 2023.

Indeed, you can rest assured that, Educareguide will update you on any new development regarding university admissions in Ghana.

Thus, watch out to buy your admission form from 1st April 2023 going.


The Price Of University Forms In Ghana Cedis.

Now, how much is University Forms 2023 in Ghana cedis?

Typically, the general price of university forms ranges between 150 to 250 Ghana Cedis.

Therefore, you can check our site to find the price of the form for a specific university in Ghana.


Places You Can Buy University Forms In Ghana

Now, where Will I Get Forms To Buy In Ghana?

Usually, the universities sell their forms in these five main outlets in Ghana.

These five main outlets are:

  • The Administration Office of the University
  • Main branches of Ghana Post Offices
  • All branches of Ghana Commercial Bank in Ghana
  • Zenith Bank
  • Ecobank

In this regard, you can buy your university forms from any convenient outlet.

Ghana Commercial Bank branches across the country are a regular place where you can buy your admission forms from universities in Ghana.


The Deadline For Submitting University Forms In Ghana

All the time, Educareguide updates you on the deadline to submit your admission form when the university finally releases the admission forms.

Interestingly, most universities in Ghana have fixed the closing date to submit your admission to December 2023.

As a result, this will allow those who will complete your Wassce Exams to also apply for admission to the university.

Honestly, that is why there is the Awaiting Forms avenue for Final year SHS students to Apply for admission.

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