Aburi Girls’ High School Prospectus 2023. List Of  Things Inspected For Admission At Aburi Girls

aburi girls’ high school prospectus

The Management of Aburi Girls’ High School gives the following school prospectus to SHS1 students for the 2023 academic year.

As a matter of fact, Aburi Girls’ SHS is a girls boarding school. In recent years, they admit day school children as well.

Emphatically speaking, the free SHS policy does not cover the items listed below.

However, I must say that, the government may absorb some of these items in the near future.

Definitely, Educareguide will keep you updated whenever there is an update.

This means that, the government will not provide the items listed in this prospectus to the school children.

As a result, parent should get these things for their words.

In fact, the free SHS policy is a government scholarship for children at public Senior High Schools in Ghana.

Nevertheless, parent must buy these items for the their wards placed in High Schools in Ghana.

Certainly, these items are for personal use by the student at the school.


Aburi Girls Prospectus 2023

Before we look at the list of items into detail, parent must take note of the following important information:

  • Every student should bring National Health Insurance Card.
  • Students who do not bring with them the required number of articles will be sent home at once to collect them.
  • All new students must be medically fit. They will be expected to participate in all P.E. exercises and school work. Medical examination will be conducted at the school.


Unacceptable Items – SHS Admission 2023

Student shouldn’t bring the following items to the school.

In other words, these items are regarded as unprescribed things at Aburi Girls’ School.

As a matter of fact, you shouldn’t bring the following things to Aburi Girls’ Senior High School:

  • Sound system and electrical appliances are not allowed in the boarding house. 
  • No cell (mobile) phone, iPod Walkman and discman players, Mp3s, water heater, rice cooker, stove, rechargeable lamp, fan, video and television set, laptop, etc. are permitted.
  • The School does not entertain any case of SPECIAL DIET.
  • The school advices parent not to give excessive amounts of money to their ward as pocket money. The maximum amount  should be GH₵ 50.


Prospectus For Boarding School Students At Aburi Girls’

As a matter of fact, first year female boarders entering Aburi Girls’ High Schools in 2023 academic year must present the following items for inspection during admission:

  • Tracksuit – 1 set @ GH¢ 80
  • Tracksuit – 1 set @ GH₵ 80
  • African print – 1 set @ GH₵ 70
  • 2 White dresses –  GH₵ 70
  • Two check dress – @ GH₵ 90
  • School cloth – @ GH₵ 100
  • Ceremonial dress – Not ready
  • 1 pair of black Ashanti slippers (GH₵12.00)
  • Two scrubbing brushes (GH₵6.00) each
  • 2 towel or rag (for cleaning)
  • 1 cutlass/ hoe (GH₵20.each),
  • One mop &1 plastic long broom (GH₵10.00) each
  • 1 long scrubbing brush (GH₵12.00)
  • Two white bed sheets and 2 pillow cases (GH₵30.each)
  • Bible GH₵35
  • Standard brown sandals for classes (play deck) GH₵ 40
  • 5 pairs of white socks (GH₵2.00) each
  • Toilet Roll (1 pack) GH₵12
  • Two Antiseptic (Dettol)
  • Small chop box (GH₵55.00) each
  • one mosquito net (GH₵20.00) each
  • Health insurance(compulsory)
  • Suitcase/trunk
  • Two plates, mug & saucer
  • One set of cutlery & two napkins
  • One sleeping cloth & one pillow
  • Plastic bucket & pail
  • 12 panties and 6 handkerchiefs
  • 2 Black long vest and under wear (2)
  • Set of hangers
  • One pair of canvas shoes
  • Pajamas (2)
  • One electric iron
  • 1 flash light (torch light)
  • One umbrella or rain coat
  • Washing powder, bathing soap, disposable shaving sticks & pegs
  • 1 Pair of Black shoe
  • 1 Black belt and 1 brown
  • Blanket
  • Small mirror
  • Sanitary Pad at least 3 packs
  • Washing powder, bathing soap, disposable shaving sticks and pegs
  • Black Polythene (small size) one pack
  • One other bed sheet
  • Five (5) sachets of dress care


Provision List For SHS1 Day Students At Aburi Girls’ 

Furthermore, we have provided Prospectus For Day Students girls in the list below.

  • Tracksuit – 1 set @ GH¢ 80
  • African print – 1 set @ GH¢ 70
  • School cloth    @ GH¢ 100
  • Ceremonial dress Not Ready
  • Two check dresses
  • Bible
  • One mop and plastic long broom & Two (2) towels or rag (for cleaning)
  • Two short scrubbing brush & 1 long scrubbing brush
  • One (1) cutlass / 1 hoe
  • 2 pairs of white socks
  • Health insurance (compulsory)


Notably, Aburi Girls’ High School reserves the right to update the prospectus above at anytime.

Thus, you should realize that, the prospectus for Aburi Girls’ High Schools above, may slightly change from time to time as and when the school management deems it fit.

Indeed, you should confirm and cross check specifically from the school before you proceed to make purchases or procurements.

Definitely, GES allows Aburi Girls’ to vary the Aburi Girls’ High school prospectus slightly to suit the environmental factors in the schools.


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