UG Sakai Login Page – Online Teaching And Learning Platform For Students & Lecturers At University Of Ghana

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The University of Ghana UG Sakai Login Page is an online teaching and Learning platform. Indeed, this e-learning platform has been designed by the university to bring educational activities to the door step of  every member of the university.


ug sakai login page


In other words, UG LMS is the Learning Management System put in place by the university to facilitate online lectures at the university.

Furthermore, the purpose of the ug.sakai login page is to bring teaching and learning activities to the door step of every student and lecturer in University of Ghana.

Obviously, the University of Ghana UG Sakai is the official online lecture tool for lecturers to engage students at home or wherever students may be located.

Indeed, I must emphasize that, this virtual learning platform is here to stay, and the earlier you get familiar with it, the better.

In this guide, educareguide finds it prudent to addressed your concerns such as:

  • first, how do I login to my UG Sakai Platform.
  • Next, how do I use the sakai ug edu gh portal login page online lectures
  • Last, how do I reset may password at UG?

In fact, the ug.saka system has been around for some time now. However, it became very popular during the covid-19 pandemic period.

Meanwhile, click HERE if you want to Reset Your UG Email Login Password at University of Ghana.

Now check out some fact about UG Sakai and covid 19 right below.


Sakai UG Login Online Lectures & Covide-19 Pandemic

As a result of the covid-19 policy of the government, all universities, schools and colleges were shut down.

Actually, it is very refreshing that universities have opened once again for academic work in 2021.

Nevertheless, covid19 is still in Ghana, and the virus behaves will determine the next line of action for government and university authorities.

Thus, the University of Ghana UG Sakai became the default lecture tool for lecturers to engage students at home.

Before we look at how to use the UG Sakai, let’s look at the MIS Web UG.


Sakai Login UG System & The UG MIS Web

Now, what’s the difference between the UG Sakai Page and the UG MIS Web Page?

As a matter of fact, the difference is that, the UG Sakai page is for online lectures whiles the UG MIS Webpage is complete database for students and Staff of University of Ghana.

Before the Legon Sakai, the University of Ghana introduced the University of Ghana Management Information System -UG MIS web.

In fact, the UG MIS web was introduced to capture the database of every student and staff of the university.

Definitely, the makes came in later to consolidate the university’s online educational system by introducing online learning at Legon – University of Ghana.

Thus, the UG Sakai is the official UG LMS ie. University of Ghana Learning Management system for students and lecturers or staff.

Also, the page makes the student experience online even more easier.

Now, how do you use the university’s Sakai on the official platform? Before, we even look at that, please find out the UG Sakai login link and steps right below.


UG Sakai Login Required Link For Students And Staff

In fact, you must be a University Of Ghana student or staff to be able to use the UG Sakai Login Page.

Indeed, you can click HERE to login to the UG student portal login with your student login portal credentials or details.

Thus, the university requires your ug sakai login details, for you to access the platform. Consequently, can login to the page by following the these steps:

  • First, enter your student ID
  • Secondly, enter your PIN
  • Lastly, click on the “Login” button to sign in to your UK Sakai account at University of Ghana.

Now, what happens if you are unable to login to your Sakai Page at University of Ghana. Find out what you have to do right below.


What Must I Do If I’m Unable To Login To My UG Sakai Account?

Unfortunately, incase you are unable to login to your UG Sakai Account, then perform all or one of the following actions:

  • First, check your internet connection if you are connected.
  • If you are connected but can’t still login, then check again to find out whether the login details you are entering is correct.
  • If still you are unable to login then you must reset your UG Email Password. Thus, click HERE and follow the guide to reset your UG Student Email Account password.

Of course, you will need a computer, phone or tablet to be able to use the login page.

Also, you will need an internet connection.

Initially, the university made arrangement with vodafone Ghana to help with students data issues and cost.

In fact, the arrangement is that, the university will supply every student with a special SIM Card exclusively for the platform.

However, it turned later that students used ordinary SIM and bought their own data.


ug sakai students/staff login



How Can I Check My UG Result – UG Sakai Results Download

Now, how can I check my University of Ghana result online?

Indeed, UG results check is done on the UG Current Student Login Portal Page to check your results online. Therefore, click HERE to find the UG MIS Web Login page link and the steps to sign in to see your semester results.

After logging in to the Sakai page, you can receive lectures, assignments, test, among others, from your lecturer.

However, you will find your test and assignment results if you use the UG results check section on the UG MIS account page instead of the Sakai online University Of Ghana learning portal.

Most of the usual test, quizzes and exams we already know are now administered on the ug sakai log in platform.

However, for online lectures and learning materials, please click HERE to take you to the UG Sakai plate of the University of Ghana.


Ug.sakai Training For All Lecturers And Students

Truly the university organized UG Sakai training program for students and lecturers before the system was introduced.

Despite the difficulties of some lecturers at the initial stages, some of them eventually become familiar to the system and usage.

Obviously, many students of the university did not have much difficulty adjusting to the the new order.

Really, it is quiet refreshing that all members of the university community have embraced this e-learning resource.

Moreover, who knows how this will become another competitive advantage of the University of Ghana to reach to the global community. Definitely, in this modern era, universities should move to students and not the other way round. 


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