How To Access Your UG Email, All The Steps You Need To Reset Your Sakai Password

How To Access Your UG Email - All The Steps

How to access your UG Email is made possible by the University of Ghana UG Sakai platform. As a result, check  out all the steps you need to access and reset your Sakai Email Account below.

Now, the purpose of the UG sakai – legon is to bring teaching and learning activities to the door step of every student and lecturer in University of Ghana.

Definitely, if I ma student of UG, then how to access my UG email will be of a paramount concern to me

through Legon students are back on campus, the university is still doing 70% of lectures online and 30% face to face.

Thus, the University of Ghana UG Sakai is the default lecture tool for lecturers to engage students at wherever you may be located.

Before, you you create your Sakai UG account, you will need to create your UG email login account first. Thus, you need to create a unique UG email address. Surely, we will take you through the process of creating that address.

Also, you will need your university of Ghana email address to be able to create your UG student account HERE.

Sincerely, I can assure you that the UG email activation process is not difficult at all.

Meanwhile, click HERE if you want to login to the UG Sakai Login Page

Now, how do I access my UG email?

Definitely, you can activate your UG email account in the in the steps right below.


How To Activate Your UG Email Account

Now, how do I activate my UG email account?

Indeed, it is absolutely important to know how to activate UG email even when you cannot access your student email and University of Ghana.

Right now, what are the steps on how to activate my UG email account. Check to procedure to activate your Legon Email account below.

Now, in case you you can’t access your UG Sakai email account, then follow the steps below to activate your UG Email:

  • Make sure that the phone number you used to open your email account is still active
  • Put the SIM with the phone number in to a phone.
  • Go to login page of the email you used to open the account.
  • Click on forget password.
  • Immediately, a re-activation code would be sent to your phone number.
  • Just enter the code into the email page opened and send it.
  • Enter your new password and confirm it.

As a result, you can now access your UG Sakai email account by entering your email address and your new password.

Now, how do I reset my UG student email password? Surely, the steps below answers your your question.


How To Reset My UG Email Password

The procedure on how to reset UG student email password is given right below. Now, how do I reset my UG email? Find out all the answer you need right here.

Indeed, if you forget your password, you have to use the University of Ghana UG Sakai page link below to reset your password. Certainly, the reset UG mail steps are very easy to go through, following the guide below.

Now, if you have lost your UG password or cannot remember your UG login password, then follow the steps below to reset your University of Ghana login password.

  • Click HERE to go to your UG student portal account page.
  • First of all, you must make sure that your UG Sakai Email is active before you start to reset your Legon student portal login password.
  • Secondly, when you enter your email and click on “Send password”, a password reset link is sent to your email.
  • Next, you will open you email inbox, click on the activation link in order to set to set you UG student password.
  • Lastly, you enter your new password, and that will be your login password subsequently.

Notably, make sure that you login password is one which you can easily remember, or better still, write and keep it in safe place for the future.

I believe all your confusion surrounding the University of Ghana e-learning student portal login is resolved.


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