Is D7 Accepted in UEW, Find Out Whether You Qualify For Admission With D7 At UEW

is d7 accepted in uew

Is D7 Accepted in UEW – Detailed Explanation On Whether You Can Get Admission With D7 At University Of Education, Winneba – UEW

Now the question is, “Is D7 accepted in UEW to admit students to the University Of Education, Winneba”?

You will get every answer you seek here at Educareguide. 

First, you must realize that every university has its unique academic entry requirement for admission.

As a result, UEW is no exception.

If that is the case, what minimum grade should you obtain in WASSCE to gain admission to UEW?

Now check the answer to the question of D7 below.


Does UEW Accept D7 For Degree Course Admission?

First, WAEC is the official examination body for Secondary School examination in most West African countries.

Thus, WAEC administers and certifies Senior High School students in Ghana, who then apply to enter into UEW.

According to WAEC Result Interpretation, D7 is just a pass.

Meanwhile, what is the National Council For Tertiary Education – NTCE – policy on D7?

NTCE does not permit Degree awarding institutions in Ghana from accepting D7 for its admission requirement into undergraduate programs.

The minimum or worst grade you must get to gain admission to UEW is C6.

Remember that this is because C6 is a credit, while D7 is just a pass.

As can be seen, the UEW does not accept D7 as an admission requirement.


Is E8 and F9 Accepted In UEW?

Now, let’s answer the question – does UEW accept E8 and F9?

Similarly to the issue of D7, UEW does not accept E8 and F9 for admission into the university.

The last grade that UEW accepts for admission is C6.

For this reason, even if you get an A1 in all other secondary school subjects and get either D7, E8, or F9 in only one subject, you cannot still gain admission to UEW.

Sincerely, it is as clear as that.

Now, the question is which university accepts d7 and e8 in Ghana. Interestingly, you can find the answer here.

Indeed, I believe this answers your question, “Does UEW accept D7?”


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78 thoughts on “Is D7 Accepted in UEW, Find Out Whether You Qualify For Admission With D7 At UEW”

  1. Adizatu suleman

    Pls can I get admission to University of education with dis
    C6 in English
    D7 in science
    B3 in maths
    B2 in religious studies
    B3 in geography
    C4 in economics
    Pls wat course can I offer in ur institution

    1. please can i admit with this grades am 2022 graduate
      SOCIAL C5
      ENGLISH D7
      PHYSICS C4
      BIOLOGY c5

      1. I had
        English D
        Social D
        Crop husbandry C
        Maths C
        Science C
        Chemistry E
        General agric D
        and I fail
        Can I apply to offer diploma in basic education

  2. The minimum grade for foreign students credit passes in all the subjects you are applying with. For Nigerian student, you stand a greater advantages if you possess WASSCE as entry requirement, instead of National Examination Council (NECO) Exam certificate. Thanks.

  3. i had English D7 Chemistry E8 Elective mass D7 the rest is C level and i want to do diploma course, can i apple and get admission

        1. Unfortunately, you don’t qualify to read any regular program at UEW. However, you can through the Distance Learning Entrance Examination avenue. Meanwhile, you should realize that you can’t get employment in any government institution with a distance learning certificate. This is is because, for instance, before you teach, GES will demand your Wassce result to employ you. So please bear in mind before you make your decision

  4. Pienaah Raymond

    Pls can I get admissions to uew if I had
    Math c4
    Eng c5
    Social c5
    Science e8
    Ecos c5
    Geo c6
    History d7
    E math e8

  5. English c6
    Maths c6
    Social c4
    Science c6
    General Agriculture c6
    Elective Maths c5
    Chemistry d7
    Animal husbandry d7
    Can I apply

        1. Emmanuel Amegatsey

          Please I had c5 in English , Science d7 ,math c4 , history c4 , social c4 , geography c5 , government b3 , economics c4 . Please I apply for social science or do distance learning

  6. Juliet kuffour

    Cost Accounting B2
    Business Management B3
    Financial Accounting C5
    Economics C4
    English C6
    Maths C6
    Social C5
    Science D7
    Please can I apply

    1. The deadline is expected to be in July. However we will communicate the exact date to you in our subsequent update. That’s why your subscribe for notification on our site.

  7. Solomon Ennin

    Math D7
    Science D7
    English language E8
    Social studies F9
    Business Management C4
    Financial Accounting C5
    Cost Accounting E8
    Economics E9
    Can i apply for distance

  8. Please can I apply for mature with
    English c4
    Science D7
    Maths E8 and the rest are Bs and Cs or do we have another way one can still gain admission and be writing Nov/dec to better the grade before completing the university

  9. I had
    Social -C4
    Int Science -C6
    English -B3
    Biology -C6
    Chemistry -D7
    Elective maths-F9
    Will I get admission if I apply for distance learning diploma in basic education?

  10. Elizabeth Asanima

    Please can I get admission by distance with the f.f:
    English C6
    Math’s E8
    Social C6
    Science E8
    Costing A1
    Business management A1
    Accounting B3
    Economics c6

  11. Abass Ibrahim

    English c6
    Maths c6
    Social b3
    Science c4
    General Agriculture c6
    Elective Maths D7
    Chemistry E8
    Animal husbandry c6
    Can I apply for Mature Entrance exams(regular)

  12. Herbert Mensah

    Mathematics D7
    English C6
    Science C6
    Social studies C5
    Economics C6
    Government C6
    Geography C6
    E.Maths F9
    Please can I offer a distance program at UEW?

      1. Djanie Patrick

        Please can I offer undergraduate program with this.
        Maths B3
        Social c4
        English c6
        Science c6
        Cost accounting B3
        Business management c6
        Economics c4
        Financial accounting c4
        And want to offer Bachelor of art economics education, please can I get

          1. Please, English C5
            Science D7
            Economics C5
            Maths C6
            Social studiesC4
            CRS C5. Can I get admission in distance?. If yes then, what will be next step?

  13. Djanie Patrick

    Please can I get admission with this results
    Maths B3
    Social c4
    English c6
    Science c6
    Cost accounting B3
    Economics c4
    Business management c6
    Financial accounting c4
    Please l want to offer Bachelor of art economics education, please can I get

      1. Freshmatic Walker

        Social b3
        English C5
        Math e8
        Science d7
        CRS b3
        Government c5
        Literature e8
        Do I qualify for a distance course

  14. I had
    Maths c4
    English b3
    Biology c4
    Chemistry c4
    Garment making b2
    Further maths d7
    Physics c4
    Civic education b2
    Economics b2
    Would l be able to gain admission to study computer science

      1. Please am Osman
        I had c6 in physics
        C6 in chemistry
        C5 in biology
        C5 in elective maths
        C5 in English
        B3 in social
        B2 in integrated science
        A1 in core maths
        Please can I get admission to study computer science

    1. Klu Seth Famous

      Please I had; social= C5
      Science= C6
      English= C4
      Mathematics= D7
      Graphic Design= C6
      GKA= C5
      Ceramics= A1
      Please I want to offer Art Education. Please can I gain admission?

  15. Please I had
    English C4
    Maths C5
    Social B3
    Science D7
    Geography B3
    Government B3
    French B3
    Economics C4
    Can I please apply as regular student at UEW

  16. Can I offer political science with these grades stated above

    Social studies-c5
    English language-c6

  17. Can I apply for economics with these grades?
    English C6
    Social C6
    Core maths E8
    Financial accounting C4
    Economics C6
    Business management C6
    Emaths F9

  18. Can I apply for diploma in graphic design with this grade?
    Graphic design_C4

  19. Can I study secretaryship and management with
    D7 emath
    C6 English
    C6 science
    B3 cmath
    B3 geography
    E8 economics
    C5 govt
    C5 social

  20. Social C6
    English C6
    Maths D7
    Science D7
    Econs C6
    French C6
    Music A1
    Offer music and applying as a regular mature student. Please can I get admission?

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