Wassce Past Questions And Answers Guide, Complete Guide On How To Answer Waec Questions

wassce past questions and answers guide

We have a put together the following WASSCE Past Questions and Answers Guide to provide help to you on how to answer WAEC exams questions. Thus, check out the complete WASSCE guide below.

The Nature of the WASSCE Questions

First of all, in this wassce past questions and answers guide, we will look at how you should approach individual wassce papers.

Thus, you will learn about how to answer questions in wassce exams. This is because, knowing how to answer tackle a wassce exam question is have the solution to that question.

For instance you will learn about the following:

  • How wassce questions are set
  • Next, how wassce questions are set
  • Again, how wassce is marked
  • Next, how wassce science is marked
  • Lastly, how wassce physics is marked

Indeed, it is worth know some secretes about some of the concerns listed about if you are a wassce candidate. Therefore relax because educareguide is going to explore all the above issues regarding waec examination.


What Is The Time Duration For A Wassce Exam Paper

As a matter of fact, Waec gives you specific time duration to answer a specific paper. Truly, there are 2 or 3 Papers in a wassce examination. 

Usually, one of the papers is an Objective Test paper – the other will be a theory paper, and the last one will be a practical exam paper.


How Many Questions Are In A Wassce Paper?

Mostly, the objective paper has 50 questions. Waec will give you an objective answer sheet, which is also know as a shading paper. Thus, when you read the question and find the correct answer, you will shade the correct on the objective answer sheet.

Indeed, the multiple answers are  A, B, C, and D. As a result, you will shade the letter that corresponds to your preferred answer.

Also, the number of questions for the theory paper depends on the the subject in question. For instance, there are 10 theory questions in the business management theory paper.


Which Question Should I Answer First?

Cautiously, you should always find out whether there is a compulsory question. Normally, the compulsory questions carry higher marks than the optional questions.


When Should I Start Answering The Questions?

Though the the objective paper and the theory paper may come together, you should know which one you must answer first. 

Thus, at the end of the first paper, the invigilator will collect that paper. Now, simply relax and be patient till he/she announces that that you can answer the next paper. 

Certainly, weac will penalize you if you start the paper ahead of others. 


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