Does ATU Accept D7, Do I Qualify For Admission At Accra Technical University With D7

does atu accept d7

Does ATU Accept D7 as admission requirement?  Thus, find out all the answer to this question below.

So does Accra Technical accept D7 for the purposes of admitting students to the university?

First of all, you must realize that, every university has its own unique academic entry requirement for admission.

For this reason, Accra Technical University is no exception.

If that is the case, then what is the minimum grade you should obtain in WASSCE in order to gain admission at ATU?

Certainly, you will find the answer below.


Is D7 Accepted In Accra Technical University?

Indeed the National Council For Tertiary Education Permits ATU to admit students with D7 in Wassce examination.

Thus applicants who have completed Senior High Schools qualify for admission into ATU with D7.

According to WAEC Result Interpretation, D7 is a pass. For this reason, Accra Technical University accept D7 for its admission requirement.

As a matter of fact, the entry requirements that the NCTE imposes on ATU is different from that of normal University.

In fact, when I mention normal University, I’m referring to University like those below:

  • University of Ghana – UG
  • University of Cape Coast – UCC
  • Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology – KNUST
  • Central University College
  • Valley View University – VVU, etc

Notably, bear in mind that the list includes both public University in Ghana and private University in Ghana.


Does ATU Accept E8 And F9?

Now,  does T poly accepts E8 and F9? Unlike D7, ATU does not admit applicants with D7 in WASSCE.

Indeed, the least grade that ATU accepts is D7.

For this reason, even if you get A1 in all other 7 subjects in wassce, and get, either E8 or F9 in only one subject, you cannot still gain admission to ATU.

Sincerely, it is as clear as that.

In fact, bear in mind that, this criteria is as result of the National Council For Tertiary Education – NCTE – policy.

Definitely, this is to ensure ATU conform to certain international admission standards.

Indeed, I believe that all your concerns on – does ATU accept D7 – is addressed.


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22 thoughts on “Does ATU Accept D7, Do I Qualify For Admission At Accra Technical University With D7”

  1. Do I qualify for admission
    With des grades
    Social C6
    English D7
    Co Maths B3
    Science C4
    Physics C6
    Emaths F9
    Metal work B3
    Technical Drawing A1

  2. Please do I also qualify with these grades
    English -B3
    Maths -D7
    Science -B3
    Geography -C5
    History -B3
    Social studies -B3

  3. Please do I qualify with these grades
    English B3
    Social B3
    Maths core C5
    Maths elective C5
    Science B3
    Biology C4
    Physics C5
    Chemistry C5

  4. Beatrice Nartey

    Please do I qualify with these grades

  5. Can I get admission with this grades

  6. Govt A1
    Social B2
    Geog B 3
    Ecos B 3
    Science C5
    C maths C6
    English. D7
    E maths D 7
    Pls will get admission to Atu to offer civil engineering?

  7. Social studies:A1
    English language:C6
    Integrated science:C6
    General knowledge in art:B3
    Graphic design: 4
    Picture making C4
    Please can I get admitted in atu

  8. English :B3
    Social :B3
    Int sci:B3
    Building const:C4
    Physics :D7
    Please will I be admitted in ATU and TTU

    1. English :B3
      C maths:B3
      Social :B3
      Int science :B3
      Technical Drawing :B3
      E maths:D7
      Physics :D7
      Building construction :C4
      Please will I get admitted in both ATU and TTU

  9. Pls I had
    English B3
    Science B3
    Social B3
    Maths D7
    Government B3
    History B2
    Music B2
    Literature c5

    Please can I be admitted in (ATU)
    Can I read Medical laboratory Science

  10. Please I had
    English B3
    Social B3
    Science B3
    Core Maths D7
    Government B2
    History B3
    Literature C5
    Music B2

    Please can I offer Medical Imaging Technology in ATU

  11. Abraham marfo kojo

    Please I’m Abraham and my grades are;
    English c6
    Maths c6
    Social c6
    Science e8
    E.maths b3
    Business mgt c5
    F. Accounting e8
    Economics f9
    Please will I be admitted?

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