Courses Under Social Science In UCC, BSc And BEd At the University Of Cape Coast

courses under social science in ucc

The following are the programs you are likely to study if you intend to read a Courses Under Social Science In UCC. 

We have captured the full details of the courses under Social Science for a first degree at the University of Cape Coast.

Meanwhile, what is the difference between BSc Social Sciences and BEd Sciences at UCC? Find all about this below.


BEd Social Science And Bsc Social Science, The Difference

Indeed, social science students at UCC may read either BSc Social Sciences or BEd Social Sciences.

You will not much difference between these two programs.

Honestly, the only significant difference is that BEd Social Science students study Education courses as part of their program, whiles BSc Social Sciences students do not.


List Of Courses Under Social Science In UCC

Usually, the University of Cape Coast updates the list of courses it offers to Social Science students from time to time.

Thus, Educareguide has taken its duty to regularly update you on the current programs that UCC offers to students.

Now Find out the checklist of courses offered in the Social Sciences Departments at UCC below.


UCC Social Science Programs, Non-Education 

  • Anthropology
  • Classics and Philosophy
  • Communication Studies
  • Dance
  • Economics
  • English
  • Film Studies
  • French
  • History
  • Population and Health
  • Social Behaviour and Conflict Management
  • Geography
  • Sociology
  • Theatre Studies
  • Music
  • Religion and Human Values 24
  • BSc Geography and Regional Planning
  • BSc Hospitality Management
  • BSc Tourism Management


UCC Social Science Programs, Education 

  • BEd Arts
  • BEd Basic Education
  • BEd Early Childhood Education
  • BEd Guidance and Counselling
  • BEd Home Economics
  • BEd Social Science
  • BEd Social Studies
  • BSc Psychology

As can be seen from above, the University of Cape Coast offers undergraduate students a wide range of programs

Now click HERE to find out the cut off points associated with the courses at the University of Cape Coast.


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