Courses GIMPA Offer For 2023, The Checklist of Programs Offered At Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration

Courses GIMPA Offer 2022

Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration offer the following checklist of courses to GIMPA students for the 2023/2023 Academic Year.

Undoubtedly, the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (i.e. GIMPA) is a highly reputable tertiary institution serving Ghana and the rest of the West African Sub-region. 

Now, GIMPA aims to train the human resource needs for management and public administration portfolios in Africa and the world.

Thus, many Ghanaians and international students desire to enroll in a reputable tertiary educational institution.

Many mature students or older adults usually prefer to acquire degrees and other qualifications at GIMPA.

Also, many Ghanaian politicians and people in public management positions usually upgrade their knowledge at GIMPA to excel in their jobs.


Courses Offered At Gimpa

Now, find out the list of courses for students at GIMPA.

Indeed, you may qualify to read the following Programme in GIMPA. Now, what courses does Gimpa offer?

In this regard, we have a list of all the first-degree programs, second-degree programs, and Ph.D. programs that you can read at GIMPA.

Furthermore, we have a checklist of all the GIMPA admission requirements for various courses in the institution.

Now, find out the list of courses offered at GIMPA below:

Here, regular students and GIMPA mature student courses have multiple programs at the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration.

Nevertheless, please remember that you should obtain suitable grades and aggregate to gain admission to GIMPA.


Gimpa Courses And Cut Off Points

GIMPA offers the following Undergraduate courses with their corresponding cut-off points.

Therefore, these Gimpa cut-off points help you to evaluate your result before even buying the GIMPA admission form.

Indeed, the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration enrolls students in the following GIMPA first-degree programs:

  • Accounting and Finance 12
  • Accounting Programme 13
  • Finance Programme 15
  • Business Management 14
  • Business Administration Programme 15
  • Human Resource Management Programme 17
  • Marketing Programme 16
  • Tourism and Hospitality Management* 18
  • Management Science 18
  • Procurement, Logistics, and Supply Chain Management 19
  • Project Management 17

Now, check some Masters degree programs at GIMPA below.


Gimpa Masters Programmes 2023

Admissions into Gimpa Masters Programmes is quite competitive.

Indeed, the following Graduate Courses At GIMPA are also available to students.

Also, the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration enrolls students for the following Gimpa Post Graduate courses.

Indeed, here is the Masters Degree Programme At GIMPA.

  • Master of Accounting and Finance
  • Master of Human Resource Management
  • Master of Marketing
  • Master of Quality Management
  • Master of Supply Chain Management (MSCM)
  • Master of Project Management (MPM)
  • Master of Natural Resource Accounting
  • Master’s in Business Administration (MBA)
  • Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA)
  • Master of Research in Business Administration (MRes)

Now, check out some PhD programs at GIMPA below.


PhD Courses At GIMPA

Furthermore, Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration offers the following Doctor of Philosophy Programs At GIMPA.

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration (PhD)
  • Doctor of Management ( DMGT)

Again, check some certificate and diploma course programs at GIMPA below.


Postgraduate Certificate and Diploma Courses At GIMPA

Apart from the above courses, the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration offers the following Programs At GIMPA.

  • Diploma in Business Administration (DBA) and
  • Certificate in Business Administration (CBA)

As can be seen from the above, it shows that applicants have multiple programmes to choose from at GIMPA.

Nevertheless, you must remember that you should obtain suitable qualifications to apply for admission at GIMPA.

Indeed, we have done justice to all your concerns regarding the Courses GIMPA offers to students.


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