How To Apply For CPUT, How To Apply At Cape Peninsula University Of Technology

how to apply for cput

When it comes to how to apply for CPUT, follow the steps in this guide to apply for admission At Cape Peninsula University Of Technology.

Every year, we take our time to explain the entire admission process at Cape Peninsula University Of Technology to every interested applicant.

Thus, follow the steps below to complete the processes for applying for CPUT.

CPUT Application Process

If you are seeking admission at UKZN then follow these steps to apply:

  • First, select the course or program that you want to read;
  • Second, download the CPUT application form;
  • Third, complete the application form manually offline;
  • Fourth, gather all your documents and add them to your completed application;
  • Fifth, pay your application through the payment avenue prescribed by CPUT;
  • Sixth, upload or send your completed application together with all your relevant documents;
  • Next, follow up on your application by continuously checking your application status.

Now find out the details of these steps right below.

Selection Of Program At CPUT

As indicated above, the first step of the admission process is to select the course that you want to read at CPUT.

In order to select the right program of study at CPUT, you will need to understand all the programs that the university offers to students.

Next, you must find out whether your certificates and results permit you to read that course.

Here, you should remember that every course that CPUT offers has an attached entry requirement.

Thus click here to check out the List of Courses CPUT offers students.

Now find out how to download the CPUT application form right below.

Download The CPUT Application Form.

The next step is downloading the admission application from the university’s website. 

This stage is very crucial to the process of how to apply for CPUT.

Before you download the application form, you should be mindful of the following:

  • First, the university will not accept manual post or over-the-counter application submission.
  • Second, complete only the relevant portions of the application form as applied to you.
  • Next, attach all relevant additional documents to the application as it relates to your case;

Now click here to download the CPUT admission application form.

Install a PDF reader on your computer or phone before downloading the application form.

Now find out how to pay your CPUT application fee using the steps below.

Payment Of CPUT Application Fee

Remember that you are to pay the university a non-refundable application fee of R100.00.

The university must receive that amount before they will process your application fee.

Indeed, the diversity allows you to make payments using the following Payment Methods:

  • Cash Payment at the Cash Office of the CPUT;
  • Crossed-Check, postal order, or bank guarantee submitted appropriately to the university; and
  • Direct Bank Transfer into the Accounts of the university.

In that regard, CPUT has provided two accounts for payment of the application fee:

  • First, for applicants who are paying within South Africa; and
  • Second, for applicants who are paying from outside South Africa.

Submission Of CPUT Application

After completing the application form, you should do the following:

First, gather all the other relevant documents as applicable to you.

Second, there are two means you can use to submit your application depending on the type of applicant you are:

  • Submission by post; and
  • Online Submission.
how to apply for cput university graduate

Submission of Manual Application At CPUT

Manual applicants usually reside in South Africa and can even personally submit their applications at the university’s administration office.

In this regard, CPUT has provided the following addresses where you can submit your application:


Programmes at the Bellville Campus

Admissions Office
PO Box 1906
Republic of South Africa


Programmes at the Mowbray Campus

Admissions Office
PO Box 13881
Republic of South Africa


Programmes at the District Six and Granger Bay Campuses

Admissions Office
PO Box 652
Cape Town
Republic of South Africa


Programmes at the Wellington Campus

Admissions Office
Private Bag X8
Republic of South Africa


Remember that the university will not accept Fax and Email submissions from applicants.

Regarding how to apply for CPUT, I believe every detail is well exhausted.

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