UKZN Medicine Course Requirements, University Of KwaZulu-Natal Medicine Programme Details

ukzn medicine course requirements

This guide gives you UKZN Medicine course requirements and other details you need to know about the Medicine program at UKZN.

Therefore, you will read details such as:

  • The Admission Requirements;
  • How to apply;
  • The Nature and Duration of the program;
  • The Points you should have; and 
  • The Admission Fees

First, find out whether the University of KwaZulu-Natal offers Medicine as a program for Undergraduate students.

Please find all the details right below.


Does The University of KwaZulu-Natal Offer Medicine Courses?

Now, does UKZN offer a Medicine program to students?

Indeed, the University of KwaZulu-Natal offers Medicine as a program to students at the University.

For this reason, those who passed the IEB, NSC and other related Examinations can always apply to read these programs at the University.

Interestingly, we found out that the University runs the following degree course in MEDICINE for students.

  • Bachelor of Medicine and 
  • Bachelor of surgery 


Study Duration, University Of KwaZulu-Natal Medicine Course

Factually speaking, there is a duration attached to every university program globally.

Typically in South Africa, it takes three (3) years to complete a first-degree program at a university.

Thus, the duration for studying B Medicine and B Surgery at UKZN is three (3) years.


UKZN Medicine Course Entry Requirements

Indeed, the UDS has rigorous admission standards for medicine applicants.

Interestingly, the University accepts applications from the following category of applicants:

  • NSC IEB Certificate Applicants
  • Mature’ applicants
  • Applicants from countries within the South African Region 
  • International Applicants


NSC IEB Certificate Applicants, Medicine Program At UKZN

Notably, Applicants in this category must have at least 60% (level 5) in each of the following subjects, with an aggregate of 65%:

  • Mathematics;
  • English;
  • Physical science; and
  • Life science.

In addition to the above, applicants must go through the Life Orientation program the National Higher Education Department organises for entrance into the University.

In this regard, you must achieve a minimum level of 50% (Level 4) in Life Orientation for placement in the University.


Mature’ Applicants, Medicine Program At UKZN

Likewise, Mature applicants must meet the minimum requirements given above regarding NSC applicants.

Meanwhile, Matured applicants should know that the University may take them through an interview process before admission into the MBChB program.


Applicants From Countries Within The South African Region 

These are applicants within the SADC member counties.

Interestingly, people from SADC countries are eligible for admission to read the MBChB at UKZN.

Meanwhile, remember that the South African National Accreditation System (SANAS) has to evaluate your entry certificate.

In this way, your accreditation result will indicate whether you are eligible for admission or not.


International Applicants, Outside The SADC Region

Unfortunately, UKZN does not admit students outside the SADC region.

Thus, the University admits only South African students or qualified students from SADC member countries to read the MBChB program.


Additional Notice To South African Applicants

In addition to the above, applicants with NSC and from within South Africa should meet the following criteria:

  • First, you should finish the Grade 12 examination during the year of application, or
  • Second, should complete NSC within two years to the application date, or
  • Third, you should be a student or graduate of any tertiary institution


Cut off Points for Medicine at UKZN 

Notably, every University of Professional Studies course has a cut-off point, and thus, the Medicine program at UKZN is no exception. 

Therefore, the cluster point for studying Medicine at UKZN is point 60% (or Leve 5) in NSC or IEB exams.

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