How To Find Your UCC Admission Reference Number, Print Admission Letter At UCC

find your ucc admission reference number

“How do I find my UCC admission reference number?” – the question that many admission expectant ask whenever UCC starts to send admission notices to students.

Unfortunately, many applicants find it challenging to recollect their admission reference number to complete their enrolment at UCC.

In light of this, we have put together this guide to help you find your UCC admission reference number very quickly.

First of all, what is my UCC Admission Reference Number? Find out about that from the details right below.


What Is My UCC Admission Reference Number?

Honestly, the actual name of the number is “UCC Application Reference Number”.

Now, what is UCC Application Reference Number?

Factually, this is the reference number that the University of Cape Coast gave you when you applied for admission at the university.

Indeed, the university generates this number and gives it to the applicant at the time of application for admission to the university.

So what is the significance of the UCC Application Reference Number? Please, find the answer right below.


The Importance Of Your UCC Application Reference Number

Now here are some of the usefulness of the UCC admission reference number:

  • First of all, it is the number you will provide to print your admission letter from the UCC admission portal.
  • Also, you must provide this number in all official interactions with the university’s admissions office.

Therefore, you can’t finalize your admission at UCC if you cannot find your Application Reference Number.

Now check out how you can get your UCC Admission Reference Number from the steps below.


How Do I Find My UCC Admission Reference Number?

Now follow these steps to know your UCC Admission Reference Number if you don’t remember:

  • First, log in to the Email account you used to apply for admission at the university.
  • Second, click on the Email you received from UCC.
  • Third, find the copy of the application form that you submitted to the university during the time of application.
  • Fourth, open the application form, and you will find your UCC Admission Reference Number in it.

Sometimes, you may still be unable to locate the Email the university sent you.

In that case, follow the steps below to find your Admission reference number.


What You Should Do If You Can’t Find The Mail Containing Your UCC Admission Reference Number

Now follow these steps to recover your UCC Admission reference number if you can’t find the Email that contains the number:

  • First, call the admissions office of the University of Cape Coast.
  • Second, go through the identification process of the university.
  • Third, the university will give you the Admission Reference Number when they thoroughly verify you.

We wish you all the best of luck in your academic pursuit.


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