Kenyatta University Courses And Cluster Points, A Checklist Of Programme Offered At Kenyatta University

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The Kenyatta University offers the following courses with their attached Cluster Points For undergraduate students. Definitely, you will find out the List of all the courses in this brief guide.

We have listed all the Kenyatta University Courses And Cluster Points that you need to know in this guide.

More importantly, in addition to that, we we continue to provide and update the cluster points of Kenyatta University programmes.


Online Application At Kenyatta University

Fist of all, you must meet the requirement of the university in order to get admission.

Indeed, Kenyatta University admission is very competitive.

For this reason, you need to perform well in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education – KCSE exam.

In this way, you will get the needed entry requirement to be able to secure admission at Kenyatta University.

In fact we will explore some of the qualification you should have have in order to attain admission at Kenyatta University in Kenya.

But for now, lets take a look at the list of courses you can study at Kenyatta University below.


Checklist Of Courses In Kenyatta University And Cluster Points Needed

Indeed, you may qualify to read the following Programme in Kenyatta University.

Now, what are the courses in Kenyatta University for prospective students? Find the checklist of courses and their cut off points below:

  • Bachelor Of Education And Bachelor Of Arts(English)   34
  • Bachelor Of Arts/Bachelor Of Education – French    36
  • Bachelor Of Arts/Bachelor Of Education – German   38
  • Bachelor Of Arts – Japanese   38
  • Bachelor Of Arts (Gender And Development Studies)   35
  • Bachelor Of Education, Bachelor Of Arts, And Bachelor Of Science   33
  • Bachelor Of Education (Arts Kiswahili)      39
  • Bachelor Of Arts And Bachelor Of Education Literature(Arts)   35
  • Bachelor Of Arts in Philosophy And Religious Studies   38
  • Bachelor Of Arts (Counselling Psychology)   40
  • Bachelor Of Arts (Psychology)   34
  • Bachelor Of Arts And Bachelor Of Education (Sociology)   34
  • Bachelor Of Arts (Public Policy And Administration)   36
  • Bachelor Of Education(Geography)   35
  • Bachelor Of Arts Sociology, Economics, Mathematics, Common Units   37
  • Bachelor Of Arts Gender And Development Studies, Psychology, Sociology, Common Units   41


Other Courses You Can Apply At Kenyatta University

  • Bachelor Of Arts Psychology, Economics, Sociology, Common Units   42
  • Bachelor Of Arts   History, Psychology, Sociology, Common Units   41
  • Bachelor Of Arts Philosophy And Religious Studies, Psychology, Sociology , Common Units   39
  • Bachelor Of Arts English And Linguistics, History , Sociology, Common Units   37
  • Bachelor Of Arts Philosophy And Religious Studies, Psychology, Sociology And Common Units   41

From the above, it shows that, people who are applying for admission to Kenyatta University have multiples of programmes to choose from.

Nevertheless, you must bear in mind that you should obtain the right grades to gain admission to this popular tertiary institution.

Also, I must say that the Undergraduate courses in Kenyatta University are knowledge filled and interesting programmes.


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