Kenyatta University Diploma In Education Courses, Checklist Of All The Diploma In Education Programs And Cluster Points At Kenyatta University

kenyatta university diploma in education courses

The management of Kenyatta University offers the following Diploma In Education Courses with their attached Cluster Points to students.

You will find out the details of all the Diploma In Education Courses; you can read the list of courses below.

In this guide, we have provided all the details about Kenyatta University Diploma In Education Courses And Cluster Points you need to know.

In addition, we have provided the cluster points of this Kenyatta University list of programmes.


Kenyatta University Online Application For Diploma In Education Courses And Requirement

Indeed, Kenyatta University admission is very competitive.

For this reason, you need to have the entry requirement to obtain admission to Kenyatta University.

We will explore for you to find out some of the qualifications you should have to secure admission at Kenyatta University in Kenya in our subsequent articles and updates.


Checklist Of Diploma In Education Courses In Kenyatta University And Cluster Points Needed

Indeed, you may qualify to read the following Education Programme at Kenyatta University.

Now, does Kenyatta University offer a Diploma In Education in education? 

Find the checklist of Diploma In Education Courses and their cut off points below:

  • Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education 36
  • Diploma in Primary Teacher Education 38
  • Diploma in Public Relations 34
  • Diploma in School Management 33
  • Diploma in Special Needs Education 40
  • Diploma in Guiding and Counseling 41
  • Diploma in Clinical and Child Neuropsychology 37
  • Diploma in Education Leadership and Management 36
  • Diploma in Teaching of the 3R’s (Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic) 40

The above shows that people applying to Kenyatta University have multiple Diploma In Education programs.

Nevertheless, it would help if you remembered that you should obtain suitable grades to gain admission to this famous tertiary institution.

Also, the Diploma In Education Courses at Kenyatta University are knowledge-filled and very interesting.


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