is uhas forms out

Is UHAS Forms Out 2021 – Complete Information About University of Health and Allied Sciences Admission Forms

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Is UHAS forms really out for 2021? Indeed it absolutely important for you to have all the information how to buy your application form from UHAS.


is uhas forms out


Definitely, you will find answers to the following questions  in this guide:

  • When will UHAS Admission Forms be out 2021
  • Where will I get Uhas Forms To Buy?
  • How much is the price of Uhas Admission Application Form?
  • When is the UHAS Admission Deadline 2021

Surely, the answers to these questions are provided below.


When Will UHAS Admission Forms Be Out 2021

Surely, as a prospective applicant, you need to be aware when Uhas will issue out forms for the 2021 admission.

For this reason reason, we make sure that we update on every step involved in Uhas admission as soon as we get the information.

Indeed, University of Health and Allied Sciences forms were released on 4th April, 2021.

Thus, you can buy your form and apply for admission at any time from now.

Now, where will I get Uhas forms to buy. Check this out below.


Where Will I Get Uhas Forms To Buy?

If you are dreaming of admission to UHAS, the you need to know that, you will use the online process to apply for admission to Uhas.

In order to use the Uhas online admission process, you need to buy a UHAS Online Application Voucher to do so.

Now, where can I buy Uhas Admission Voucher form? Indeed, you can buy UHAS online application voucher form the following selected places in Ghana:

  • Ghana Commercial Bank – GCB Limited branches across the Nation.
  • Agricultural Development Bank – ADB branches across Ghana.
  • Zenith Bank Limited branches
  • ARM Apex Bank branches
  • Ghana Post Office – form the any major post near you.

Those of your applying from outside Ghana can buy your Uhas application form with MasterCard or Visa Card from THIS LINK.

Now, how much is the Uhas Admission form 2021? Find it right below.


Uhas Admission Forms 2021 Price

In view of this, how much is UHAS forms 2021?

Indeed Uhas reserves the right to sell its admission form at a price decided by the management of the university.

Nevertheless, the price of Uhas forms conform relatively to the average price of university and college forms in Ghana.

Thus, Uhas is offering the 2021 admission forms to applicants at the price of GH₵130.00.

Once again, what is the admission deadline for UHAS?


UHAS Admission Deadline 2021

Remember that, you do not have the time in the world to wait till you apply for admission to UHAS.

Certainly, there is a closing date in which you can apply for admission at UHAS.

Now, what is the closing date form UHAS forms?

Indeed, the deadline for UHAS forms 2021/2022 academic year is May 30, 2021.


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