TUM Eregister Online Application, How To Finalize Your Admission At Technical University Of Mombasa

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By reading this TUM Eregister Online Application guide, you can register to become a complete student at the Technical University of Mombasa.

Your admission process at TUM continues when you receive admission notification from the university.

However, you should follow specific essential procedures to register as an official university student.

This guide will take you through a step-by-step process to complete your registration at the Technical University of Mombasa.

Now check the complete details right away.


Eregister Steps At TUM

To complete the registration process, you must follow the steps below.

  • First, you need to download your admission letter from the TUM Eregister Online Application portal;
  • Second, download and fill out your TUM registration documents for fresh students;
  • Third, attach stated personal documents to the other documents;
  • Fourth, merge all your documents into one document in PDF format;
  • Fith, Forward your documents to the admissions email of TUM;
  • Next, check and confirm that your name has appeared at the Department for invoicing and unit registration;
  • Now, obtain your class timetable to enable you to start lectures.

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Notice To Fresh Students At TUM

In addition to the above, you must take notice of the following as well:

  • First, the accommodation facility that the Technical Univesity of Mombasa offers and
  • Second, TUM Elearning Management System.

Now, find out the details below.


TUM Accommodation Facility Registration For Fresh Students

Indeed, applying for accommodation at the Technical University of Mombasa is optional.

If you are interested in TUM accommodation, follow these to apply for a hostel facility at TUM:

  • First, go to the TUM Eregister student portal login page;
  • Second, click on the “Hostel & Catering” button on the page;
  • Third, select bed booking;
  • Fourth, click on the “Reserve button”;
  • Now, click on the “save” button;

After you successfully register, a message of success will appear on the screen.

Now, check how you register and verify your TUM learning portal account below.


Fresh Students Elearning Registration At TUM

You should register for your TUM Elearning Student Portal Account. 

As a result, this will allow you to use the Elearning Management system at TUM.

Now follow these steps to create your fresh student Elearning portal at TUM:

  • First, go to the tum elearning portal login page;
  • Second, enter your Username and Password to login to the portal;
  • Next, click the “Login” button to sigh into your student account.

Remember to use your TUM Student Registration Number as your Username and password to log in.

Remember to enter your TUM Student Registration Number in lowercase without slashes. For instance, SIT/001J/2021 will become bsit001j2021.


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