How Is The Teaching Method Going In Covid-19?

How is the teaching method going in covid-19?

The question “How is the teaching method going in covid-19?” borders the mind of many people across the globe.

Covid-19 is a global pandemic which has affected every single conner of the globe. Surely, educareguide believes that education is no exception.

Certainly, covid-19 spreads through human contact. For this reason, the World Health Organisation – WHO has adage which says that “the virus moves only when you move and come into contact with others”.


The conservative nature of teaching and learning – A challenge to the question “How Is The Teaching Method Going In Covid-19?”


How is the teaching method going in covid-19?


Very interestingly, teaching has traditionally been a direct service, where Teachers and Students come into physical contact in order to undertake such activity.

This means that, while teaching is more of a physical contact activity, covid-19 protocols on the other discourages physical contact.

As a result of this, it is the concern for all educational service providers, including teachers, to find a very innovative way to to balance these two sharp positions.

The question then is, how do we get teaching across to students, and at the same time, maintaining social distancing?

For this reason, schools and teachers have adopted and designed so many innovative ways to achieve the objective of teaching and learning.

Now lets find out how is the teaching method going in covid-19


Teaching Methods That May Be Used In Time Of Covid-19

Now lets find out how the following teaching methods are  having effects on covid-19


  • Zoom Cloud Meeting
  • Google classroom
  • WeVideo 
  • Scribble 
  • nnotate 
  • Prezi 
  • org 
  • Dropbox 
  • Speek , among others.

The Inadequacy Of The Learning Tools

– A challenge to the question “How Is The Teaching Method Going In Covid-19?”

It is absolutely true that all these tools are very helpful to reach students wherever they are across the world.

However, the problem is that, most human beings are highly conservative, and as a result, to change our way of live and adapting to this new way of learning is very uncomfortable.

Nevertheless those who are exited about new things have embraced this new norm, and are doing perfectly well.


The Challenges Of Students In Rural Areas


How is the teaching method going in covid-19?


Furthermore, there are some very real and difficult challenges facing a section of our world, who are not connected to internet and electricity and also can’t afford these electronic gadgets.

Teachers and Students in the rural areas of our world face difficult challenges.

First of all, they can’t afford the electronic gadgets used it to participate in these e-learning learning platforms.

Secondly, even if they could afford, there is lack of electricity and there are no reliable internet in these rural areas for the teachers and students to use to learn.


The Response Of Students In Urban Areas



Educareguide took step to speak to some students even in some urban centers.

The students told our correspondents, “Even though we can afford the electronic gadgets and the internet cost of online education, all these are not comparable to having our teachers physically present with us.

Teaching and learning is more of a personal and physical interaction, and we miss our teachers and colleagues in school a lot”.



Despite the concerns that the students expressed above, governments and everyone in our world must know and understand that, our world has changed, and changed for good.

We must all embrace the new normal, and look forward to the future when our very entire lives world be drive by technology.

The entire world is gone virtual and teaching is no exception. covid-19 is here and it might continue to stay with us.

There could even be other situations that might hit the world post covid-19. Therefore, we must all adapt and move forward. Thank you very much.

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